• Why buy a diamond as a talisman? 
  • Who can you buy a diamond for?
  • What are the other birthstones?

Did you know there is a beautiful gemstone for every month of the year? These birthstones were determined by astrologers way back when. Each gemstone is assigned certain strengths, which have a favourable influence on our health and happiness. And whoever was born in April can count themselves extra lucky! After all, buying a diamond will bring prosperity to those who have a birthday in April.

Why buy a diamond as a talisman?

Diamonds were originally used as a talisman, not a piece of jewellery. People used to buy diamonds as protection against poison, robbers and evil spirits. But it goes without saying diamonds also stand for love, happiness, romance, power and strength. The name of the stone is therefore derived from the Greek adamas, which means invincible or indomitable.

You will now undoubtedly also understand why diamonds are so important to monarchs and certainly not be surprised to hear that kings still possess a great deal of gold and diamonds.

Who can you buy a diamond for?

You can buy a diamond as a birthstone for someone who was born in April, but you can also base your gift on the star signs. For example, the diamond is labelled as the Aries birthstone. Aries celebrate their birthday between 21st March and 19th April and are seen as people who are adventurous, energetic and courageous.

According to the traditional rules, the emerald also perfectly suits Aries. Jewellery with a green emerald is therefore also perfect if you are looking for a meaningful gift. 

What are the other birthstones?

Are you looking for a unique birthday gift for someone born in a different month? We’ll now summarise the various different gemstones per month for you:

January : Garnet

February : Amethyst

March : Aquamarine

April : Diamond

May : Emerald

June : Pearl

July : Ruby

August : Peridot

September : Sapphire

October : Opal

November : Topaz

December : Turquoise

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