Designing your own ring makes it unique and personal to you. Whether you are designing a ring for yourself or to give to someone special, it will reflect your personality and your creativity making it absolutely original. Here are the three steps to help you understand how we go from an idea to a beautiful ring in your hand.

  1. Your input
  2. 3D visualisation
  3. Your ring is being made

1. Your input

The very first stage and probably the most important one is the idea, your idea. The process cannot start if we do not know exactly what you have in mind and what your dream of a ring is.

The idea can stem from various sources. It can be photos of rings you have seen online or on social media. It can be different designs that you have actually seen in shops or on other people.

When you take your idea to a jeweller, it is important that you bring with you photos or drawings of the ring you have in mind so that the design team can get a better grasp of the project.

This is also the time when you choose the details of the ring, such as the type of diamonds and gems, and the precious metal.

Once the jeweller has your input, they will usually provide you with a personalisedquote, so that you understand the budget you are looking at. If the budget is approved, you move on to step 2.

When designing your own ring, you may select your own diamonds, it’s easy with BAUNAT.

2. 3D visualisation

The second step in the process is very important as it allows you to see whether the designer understood what you had in mind, it is the 3D visualisation. The designer will have translated your input into a 3D design, so that before the ring is made you can actually visualise it and make any changes where needed.

At this point, if you accept and confirm the 3D design, there is no going back as the ring will go straight into production and your idea will actually be materialised into a ring.

3. Your ring is being made

This is the third and last step. Once the 3D design has been approved, the goldsmiths will start cracking on your ring. This is both the most exciting and the longest part of it all as even though the process takes on average 2-3 weeks, the wait will seem longer as you are so eager to see the end result.

Once the jeweller calls you in to present you with the finished ring, it is quite a thrilling moment because designing your own ring from the start is a very personal and unique journey.

Have you decided to design your own ring? BAUNAT is a fine online jeweller with a great tailor made service. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts directly with your ideas to start the process of making your very special ring.

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