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  • Two engagement rings! Why not?
  • How does a double proposal work practically?

You are ready to ask your partner to get married, but maybe it is not the first time she makes this important step. Maybe she has a beautiful daughter from a previous relationship, and now, you have not one but two special women in your life. This engagement should also be an unforgettable moment for the little girl. BAUNAT explains how best to approach this situation.

Make a paternity request as well

You will play a big part in the life of your partner's daughter, and to a certain extent, you will even take on the role of her father. When you ask your partner to marry you, you could also make a paternity request to her daughter. This way, she is directly involved in this important event and can fully enjoy this unique moment in the life of her mother.

Two engagement rings! Why not?

An engagement ring symbolises the special bond you have with your partner. When you are engaged with mother and daughter, a gift for both ladies is certainly not misplaced. For example, you could opt for two engagement rings. You could choose two identical rings, or you could choose to variation in colour. White gold for mum and red gold for the lovely daughter.

You can also choose to buy an entirely different jewel for your new daughter, such as a pair of stud earrings or a slave bracelet. A necklace or a locket with a personal message is also a good idea.

How does a double proposal work practically?

Not only is the moment itself important, but also the framework of this unique experience deserves the necessary attention. Use something both mother and daughter love as inspiration, for an unforgettable day for both of them.

Go out to an idyllic location, where you can enjoy each other's company in all peace and quiet, whilst trying to hide the true nature of your trip as long as possible.

You can organise a treasure hunt for the little Sherlock so that she can discover the real reason for your trip through hints that you have hidden in advance. Or you can take your loved one and her daughter out for brunch or a trip in a real hot air balloon. Your proposal itself becomes the icing on the cake with your beautiful engagement rings.

Are you planning a marriage proposal and can you use some advice when choosing your engagement rings? Please contact us. The BAUNAT experts will be happy to help you find the ring of your dreams!

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