• What is costume jewellery?
  • How can I combine costume jewellery with diamonds?
  • When should I choose one or the other?

Costume jewellery is all the rage and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Stock up on bold and colourful pieces for the seasons to come and you will never be out of style. But how do I combine trendy costume jewellery with timeless classic pieces of diamond jewellery? How can they complement each other?

What is costume jewellery?

Costume jewellery is the name given to jewellery made from inexpensive materials which used to be worn to resemble real jewellery. Today it stands opposed to fake jewellery in that it is not meant to look like real fine jewellery, with obviously fake diamonds and knock-off precious metals. They embrace their false nature and go all out by using large colourful beads or obvious plastic finishes. Where costume jewellery consisted of cheap fake alternatives starting at their introduction nearly 300 years ago, they were popularised in their own right by Coco Chanel from the twenties on. A trend which never ceased to grow in popularity.

Today, costume jewellery can be found in almost every modern jewellery collection and is considered the perfect addition for nearly every outfit, depending on the occasion. It has, however, always continued to change styles. Unlike classic diamond jewellery.

How can I combine costume jewellery with diamonds?

Although trendy costume jewellery might seem to heavily contrast the timeless nature of fine diamond jewellery, the two do not rule each other out. One way of combining the two is to choose hybrid pieces that incorporate both styles. Large statement rings with coloured gems and diamond exude the air of costume jewellery incorporated into the endless class of diamonds. You can also easily opt to combine one with the other using separate pieces. Choose costume jewellery as a grand statement and complement them with subtle diamond jewellery pieces for a trendy, yet classic feel. As costume jewellery is usually quite big, bold and colourful, beware to not combine them with fine jewellery statement pieces.

Statement pieces need to have all attention drawn to them and adding more than one will result in a crowded an overdone look. Adding a diamond jewellery statement to the faux one might end up making your diamonds look fake as well. Prefer a diamond statement ring? Then you had best refrain from adding any costume jewellery to the mix.

When should I choose one or the other? 

When you choose diamonds over costume jewellery entirely depends on your tastes and the occasion. Formal events such as traditional weddings or business events usually require a different look and feel than other types of evening activities. You might find classic and timeless diamond jewellery more appropriate for more serious occasions. Heading to a cocktail party or a casual evening? Go all out wearing costume pieces! In any case, make sure you do not overcrowd your look by wearing too many pieces close together. A ring and earrings combine far better than earrings, a necklace and a brooch.

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