Do you want to impress your future fiancée? Then ask her to marry you at a breathtaking location, beyond the borders. Getting married abroad has been an irreversible trend for years. Of course, this involves some logistical challenges. However, the wonderful memories you can cherish a lifetime outweigh the challenges.

Have you ever considered an engagement celebration or wedding abroad? We would like to give you our personal top three of the most striking places that will defy your imagination, from exotic beaches to big, vibrant cities.

1 Malta

This sunny Mediterranean island is a great place for a honeymoon or to get engaged. No lack of sun, beaches, culture and churches: not any less than 365 pieces adorn the Maltese horizon. Other benefits? The population speaks English and LGBT couples are also allowed to get married there. This beautiful island is a hymn to sun, sea and love!

2 Paris

Those who want to live the ultimate love experience, often think of Paris. The City of Love has been the classic choice for a wedding abroad for decades and still hasn’t lost any of its charm.

A romantic walk under the Eiffel Tower? Exchanging vows in an authentic French chapel? This idea makes every woman’s mouth water. Paris is also easily accessible by train or car. Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria have already experienced first-hand that a wedding in the City of Light is unforgettable.

3 New York

Do you feel at home in a vibrant and cosmopolitan city? Do you like to go shopping? Then look no further, New York is the place to be for the most romantic moment of your life. The Big Apple has absolutely everything for a perfect engagement or wedding celebration. Popping the ring out of your pocket under the red glow of the Manhattan skyline? Getting married in the legendary Central Park? The sky is the limit.

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