Earrings with diamonds are versatile and especially classic stud earrings can be combined very well with almost all other pieces of jewellery. This makes them a very popular gift - be it for a birthday or communion.

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What makes earrings an ideal gift?

The great advantage of earrings as a gift is that they will definitely fit the recipient. Unlike rings, the jewellery does not have to be adjusted to the size of the wearer. Earrings can be neither too tight nor too wide, too short or too long. They always fit, provided there are pierced ears.
Round stud earrings with diamond - Round diamond stud earrings from BAUNAT as a gift
Earrings are available in every price range, from small studs to eye-catching hoops. They are suitable as small or large gifts, for children as well as adults, for any occasion. When it comes to design, earrings are just as flexible - if you don't know the exact taste of the person you are giving them to, simple diamond stud earrings in a classic design with a prong setting or a frame setting, for example, are a very good and safe choice.

On which occasions can I give earrings as a gift?

Earrings make wonderful gifts for birthdayswedding anniversaries or Valentine's Day. They often have a special meaning as a gift for Christian festivals and milestones such as Catholic communion and Protestant confirmation.

Traditionally, jewellery with Christian symbols, for example with a cross, is given as a gift for both communion and confirmation. In the past, necklaces with a pendant were popular, especially protective pendants with a guardian angel. Today, this custom has changed a bit. In the meantime, earrings and stud earrings rank high on the popularity scale, especially among girls. The cross as a symbol is no longer a must for jewellery gifts on these occasions.

If you want to continue the beautiful tradition of the morning gift after the wedding, earrings are also perfect, e.g. to match the wedding ring or the engagement ring.

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BAUNAT round diamond earrings gift - BAUNAT round diamond earrings gift

Which earrings make the best gift?

Optics or design are a matter of taste - no compromises should be made when it comes to quality. Not least with regard to possible allergies or intolerances, the safest way is to give high-quality stud earrings or earrings made of a precious metal such as gold. It is better to choose a real gemstone instead of jewellery crystals, because this way your gift is not only a wonderful gesture, but also has lasting value.
With a gift, the idea counts far more than the price, but the recipient will certainly feel appreciated if you give a real piece of jewellery that will still give pleasure in many years to come. 

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