The American tradition of bridesmaids is also getting more popular. A couple of beautifully dressed women help you to bring the most beautiful day of your life.  They replace the young bridesmaids and –groomsmen who used to bring the rings and walked ahead down the aisle of the church. But times change. To thank these women – usually your best friends-, a gift is certainly in place. In this case we think of buying a diamond jewel, but of course you can also give something else. Some ideas in a nutshell: 

A diamond jewel

Buying a diamond jewel for the ladies who have assisted you during the most beautiful day of your life, is something which we can only support. Give the jewel prior to your marriage, so they are able to wear it on your wedding day. Does one of your friends love to wear diamond earrings, buy her classical subtle earrings. Does your other friend love to wear a necklace, treat her with a beautiful specimen. By choosing a jewel which fits her personality, you are sure that she is going to wear it afterwards. Make sure that each jewel has about the same price, to avoid discussions afterwards.

A goodie bag

If you don´t have the budget to buy diamond jewellery for each bridesmaid, you can surprise them with a nice goodie bag. This goodie bag can contain all kinds of gifts: lingerie, beauty products, make-up, etc. Undoubtedly you know best what your friends like, so you can choose best. Every woman loves a goodie bag, especially when it is personalized.

A fancy getaway

Plan a weekend together with your friends prior to your marriage or after your honeymoon. Get relaxed in a fancy wellness or go shopping in London, Paris or Milan. Of course you could also go for something more active, to get closer to each other. There are plenty of possibilities to getaway.

If you choose to buy a diamond jewel to surprise your bridesmaids, then we are happy to assist. Please take a look at our extensive collection and do not hesitate to contact us. 

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