Black diamonds (or carbonados) aren't always the first to spring to mind when you think of diamonds. Yet this colour of diamond is a real eyecatcher in jewellery, even in a wedding ring.  Certainly, if you like to think outside of the box and you're looking for an original alternative to colourless diamonds. In the utmost style, of course. Find out more about black diamonds here and browse our black diamond ring collection.

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What is a black diamond?

Ring with black diamonds from BAUNAT
Let's start by correcting a popular misconception: this diamond (carbonado) is actually 100% natural.  The stone is mined in alluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic.  Black diamond isn't as hard (it is more porous) as other colourless and coloured diamonds.

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Black diamonds are found in just three places: Brazil, the Central African Republic and South Africa
Actually, black diamonds aren't to be found in every diamond mine, on the contrary in fact. There are only three places in the world where the black precious stones are encountered. Popular scientific belief has it that they derive from a meteorite that struck Earth millions of years ago.  The residue is said to have landed in Brazil and the Central African Republic. The meteorite is believed to have impacted Earth during the age of the Pangea supercontinent. At that time, South America bordered still to Africa. So, very occasionally one is still found in South Africa.

The special significance of a black diamond

White gold BAUNAT eternity ring set with black diamonds
As you already know, different meanings are attributed to  coloured gemstones. The black diamond is said to represent action, passion and energy, but also authority and power. Do you have little faith in this symbolism? If so, lend your own significance to your black diamond jewellery: the stone is rare and valuable, so the jewellery is a token of genuine love.

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A ring set with this precious stone looks rather macho. This is why black coloured diamonds are becoming an ever-popular choice for men to have their wedding rings set with. The stone really comes into its own with a flat pave setting. The ultimate formula for a unique men's wedding ring.
But women are finding this diamond colour more and more appealing too
Women are just as quick to be seduced by the appeal of e.g. a black diamond ring.  A slightly rounded ring lends the piece an exceptionally elegant look and feel. You could as a couple, therefore, opt for a black diamond wedding and engagement ring set.

The rarity and price of a black diamond<

These diamonds belong in the fancy coloured category. A lot of the coloured gemstones are costlier, but that applies less so to the darker variants. Indeed, black absorbs light, so the stone will be less lustrous.This results in a lower price. Black diamonds are nearly as rare as pink or blue diamonds. In fact, black diamonds come at roughly the same price as colourless diamonds.
Tip: Adding colourless diamonds to jewellery lend the piece a softer appearance

The 3 best known black diamonds

In general, black diamonds aren't the most popular, but over the years a few have earned worldwide renown.

  • Black Amsterdam Diamond: This magnificent 33.74 carat black diamond was found in 1972 in South Africa.  The pear-shaped stone acquired its name in honour of the city of Amsterdam's 700th anniversary. The diamond is now set in a necklace, along with 15 colourless diamonds.

  • The Black Orlov: This exceptional diamond was found in the 19th century, and is known as the Eye of Brahma. This black diamond was believed to be cursed, since some of its owners committed suicide.  One owner was the Russian princess, Nadia Vygin-Orlov, whom the diamond is named after.

  • Spirit of the Grisogono: The Spirit of the Grisogono is the largest black diamond ever. The name derives from the Swiss jeweller Grisogono, who was charged with cutting the diamond. The 312 carat diamond is presently set in a white gold ring with 700 small colourless diamonds.

Black diamonds in jewellery

Black diamond necklace from BAUNAT
Black diamonds look exceptional in jewellery. In recent years, black diamond  engagement and wedding rings have risen significantly in popularity; not just  with men, but with women too.  For example, Sex and the City actress, Carrie Bradshaw, was spotted with a black diamond engagement ring.  Black diamonds also look fabulous set in cufflinks or as a solitaire diamond in a necklace.

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Which precious metal best complements the black diamond?

Yellow and red gold draw the eye just that bit too much. White gold or platinum are the obvious choices, as they provide a beautiful colour contrast. Both precious metals highlight the black colour to perfection. This applies to all black diamond jewellery, be it a wedding ring or cufflinks. Platinum is more durable; white gold is less expensive. The choice is yours.

Be sure to also consider our tailor-made jewellery service. Working with our experts you can design black diamond jewellery entirely how you want it.

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You now know everything you need to about black diamonds. Needless to say, there is just as much to talk about when it comes to other coloured diamonds.  Read the blogs below to glean more about coloured diamonds in general, as well as a few specific colours.

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