Who does not love that time of the year when the landscape is covered with white powdered snow, when it is cold outside but so warm inside by the fireplace? Houses are decorated with dozens of glittering lights, and golds, reds and greens become part of the surroundings. It is a very special season for families and friends, which is why a winter wedding is a beautiful idea. But does a winter wedding influence your theme, your dress choice and the bridal set you wish to wear on the day?

  • Choosing a sparkly celebratory bridal set in warm yellow gold
  • Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds!

Choosing a sparkly celebratory bridal set in warm yellow gold

Many people associate a winter wedding with a winter wonderland theme of blues, whites and gold colours. Nevertheless, the ultimate winter wedding should be cosy and homely as well as elegant and celebratory, and more importantly rich with reds, greens and golds. Which is why your bridal set should be made with warm glowing yellow gold. Yellow gold is the ultimate symbol of elegance and warmth. It beautifully adorns your skin and can be worn with any dress colour or theme you may have chosen.

Yellow gold in the winter also reminds you of the shiny lights that decorate Christmas trees and houses and the warm flames of the fire as it crackles in the open fireplace. A yellow gold bridal set is most definitely the perfect winter wedding wonder.

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds!

Diamonds, of course, have to be part of your bridal set and the more the merrier. A river of diamonds that sparkle like the snow is exactly what you need for a winter wedding. Whether you have chosen a subtler bridal set with a solitaire diamond pendant and diamond stud earrings, or if you prefer more elaborate designs with a myriad of diamonds. A bridal set covered in glimmering diamonds is your best choice for the perfect winter wedding.

Are you tying the knot this winter and are looking at buying your bridal set? BAUNAT is your perfect partner as we offer beautiful and unique designs in yellow gold, with small or large diamonds. Whether you already know what you are looking for or not, do not hesitate to browse through our large online catalogue to find your most dazzling winter wedding bridal set.

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