• What kind of influence does a small stature have?
  • What influence does my small stature have on my marriage?
  • When do I take the step?

Research in New York showed a few years ago that men with a small stature have certain advantages compared to their taller friends. In addition, their findings were confirmed by independent examination of the dating site match.com. What advantages do shorter men have? What influence does that have on my marriage?

What kind of influence does a small stature have?

Your short stature brings many different benefits in many different areas. First and foremost, amazing health benefits are associated with it. It reduces the risk of cancer and blood clots, and as a result, you will probably live longer. The sun also has less influence on you, resulting in a lower chance of sun stroke or heat stroke.

But the benefits are not limited only to a healthier body. You are also less susceptible to stress, which in turn is positive for your psychological well-being.

What influence does my small stature have on my marriage?

Your health already gives you an advantage, but did you know that your marriage also reaps the benefits of your height? Statistically, shorter men divorce about 32% less than their taller peers. According to New York researchers, this is because they wait longer to commit and are therefore more certain of their choice when they take the big step. Moreover, as a shorter man, you probably also help more with household chores, you earn promotions faster at work than taller men, and you have a more active intimate life.

Contrary to what many people think, your small stature ensures that the engagement ring goes smoothly on her finger and stays there.

When do I take the step?

According to scientists, you made more effort to really deepen your relationship and have been part of your relationship for longer than the average tall man hunting for an engagement ring. However, finding the perfect engagement ring is only relevant when you are ready for it yourself, no matter what research says. How do I know for sure that I am ready? Only you know that. Science and your height are on your side, but you only look for that engagement ring when you are sure that she is the one. And no scientist has an answer for that.

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