Will you soon ask your girlfriend to marry you, and will you give her a diamond ring? And, do you have a rather modest stature? Then you have, if we can believe some sociologists of the New York University, significantly more chance to have a successful and long lasting marriage. Bring on the engagement ring!

Modest stature? Go buy an engagement ring!

The difference with taller men is downright significant: men that are smaller, have no less than 14.50% more chance in keeping their marriage vows. So, your height has an undeniable impact on your relationship or your marriage.

In addition, there is other good news for men who are not the tallest: researchers have previously shown that a short length has a positive impact on the numbers on your paycheck.

The research team suggests that the income gap has partly to do with a certain compensation drive in men with small stature. And think also of the Napoleon complex. Tall men use their length again to wind educated women round their little finger, who mostly also earn more than they do: no less than 24% on average.

Little men marry younger women

Small men marry at a later age, usually with a younger woman of the same stature. According to the same study, small men are 269% more likely to marry someone who has about the same length than tall men. Basketball types usually marry earlier and often choose an older, taller woman.

A diamond ring ... The engagement gift for every woman!

Whether you're a big earner, a little earner or anything in between: your girlfriend yearns for nothing less than a beautiful diamond engagement ring. One hint? The most exclusive and affordable diamond engagement rings can be found in the online shop of BAUNAT.

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