Whether you are thinking about buying diamonds or are simply passionate about diamonds and are willing to learn everything about them, here is a shortly list, which is far from being extensive, of 5 books we have selected for you to read.

They range from being practical guides to help you with tips on buying diamonds; to simple books with beautiful pictures that will make you drool.

  • Diamonds: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide - by Antoinette Matlins

Antoinette Matlins is an internationally know gemmologist and jewellery expert. She is a lecturer and of course an author of many books to help both the consumer and professionals better understand gems and jewellery.

This buying guide really delves into the world of diamonds, how to select your diamond and then how to enjoy and care for it. It really guides you through the buying diamonds process step by step and offers detailed insights about the industry.

  • Famous Diamonds - by Ian Balfour

Famous diamonds is a lovely book that traces the history of almost 80 of the most remarkable diamonds that have existed. It includes for instance the story of Koh-i-Noor, the diamond that is set in the Crown Jewels, The Cullinan diamond, the supposedly « cursed » Hope diamond and many more.

This book feature stunning photos of the diamonds and each story is beautifully told. It is really a nice book to have for a great overview of the diamonds that made history.

  • Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in – by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell

This book tells the incredible tale of a diamond theft that took place in Antwerp in 2003, where the thieves managed to get away with $ 108 million in diamonds.

Flawless uncovers the mystery of how they got away with it.

Should you look for a more novel based book on diamonds to read on your holidays for example, this is really a fun read.

  • Gems & Gemology - by the GIA

The Gems & Gemology Journal by the GIA is more than a book to read, it is a review that is released quarterly by a team of researchers and scientists at the Laboratory of the GIA.

Most of the articles featured in the Journal can be extremely technical and talk about all sorts of other gemstones than diamonds. But more often than not, there are very interesting articles about diamonds, diamond treatments and synthetic diamond identification.

  • Diamonds - by Marijan Dundek

We would like to finish this list with a light book which could probably be considered more of a catalogue of photos of famous diamonds. This book only outlines the basic information needed about diamonds, but it could be sufficient should you be just starting in diamonds.


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