When a man thinks accessories, the first thoughts always go to the watch and eventually the tie-bar and the cufflinks. Although we will be mentioning the cufflinks here as they are crucial in a man’s business and special occasion attire, we will also share details about men’s bracelets and money clips.

  • Cufflinks

  • Bracelet

  • Money clip


Cufflinks are an essential part of any elegant businessman’s attire as well as for special occasions.

They are usually used in dress shirts that have no buttons but special buttonholes on the sleeves, to close the cuffs together in a more elegant manner.

Cufflinks are available nowadays in a variety of materials and designs. From sophisticated designs made of white gold and set with diamond or gemstones, or more original designs made of wood or textiles for example.

They can also represent a symbol, or object that you like or they could be letters, such as your initials for the more personal touch.


A bracelet may have been considered to be a little less business like in the past, but today we can say it is more common for men to wear. They could be gold bracelets of simple design like the chain bracelet or the figaro bracelet, adding just a little shine to an outfit.

Or something a little more original, made of wood, leather or cotton, which is more personal and may give you a hint of someone’s personality. Bracelets are lovely accessories, and should you have a more discreet personality, you can also easily hide it in the sleeves of your shirt.

Money clip

The money clip is an accessory you could find in older men’s pockets, in gentlemen’s private clubs, especially when credit cards were not the first payment method of choice. It is the perfect accessory for those who do not wish to carry around a wallet of any type. Its sleek, elegant and tightly holds your money.

Although it may not always be an accessory of choice for younger generations as it may seem old fashioned and impractical for some; it is a statement of elegance and taste, so you do see it used by business men who do not like the fuss of a wallet, but manage to clip in both cards and money in an organised manner.

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