While the engagement ring is the centrepiece of most engagements, the presentation of the ring truly makes all the difference. We recommend choosing an engagement ring carrier or box that matches the style of proposal you choose. 

Engagement ring carriers typically come in a wide variety of unique or custom handmade pieces. Picking the right carrier is the perfect way to add that extra touch to make your special occasion that little bit more you. Find out more in this article.

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What are the Different Types of Carriers for an Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, couples would have used ring pillow cushions for transporting their engagement rings, but between tradition and modernity, ring-carriers are now available in all shapes and styles.

Today, it’s more common for brides and grooms to choose highly symbolic or personalised engagement ring carriers to make the delivery of the rings even more memorable.
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Typical engagement ring carriers may be stylish boxes with a lid that can be decorated to you and your special someone’s tastes. While a metal, glass or ceramic box is classy and traditional, you might consider opting for something plant-based.

A coconut, a piece of wood, hay, flowers, twigs, can all be chosen to showcase a truly romantic side of your engagement celebrations. With a plant-based ring carrier, not only can you add a touch of nature to your big day, you can also do your bit for the planet.

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How to Choose Your Engagement Ring Carrier ?

When choosing the perfect engagement ring carrier, the most important thing to consider is the person receiving it.
Think about:
  • Personal Taste
  • Material 
  • Style
  • Embellishments & Engraving
  • Added decorations
  • Colour
  • Size & Shape
  • The location where you plan on proposing (for example, should the engagement ring carrier fit with a specific theme?)
  • Expense & price range
  • What carrier or box will best complement the engagement ring
  • Personal messages or touches you would like to add

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How to Surprise Your Special Someone with a Truly Unique Engagement Ring Carrier?

Even though you have more than likely already discussed getting married with your future spouse, the marriage proposal itself is often a surprise. To arrange an engagement to remember, you should always plan ahead to find a moment, a location and an engagement ring carrier that your partner won't be suspecting.

Beyond the engagement, your special engagement ring carrier or box will make the perfect addition to your vanity or nightstand long after the wedding festivities are over. A carrier does not have to be an item used only once.

How your Engagement Ring from BAUNAT will be Delivered?

BAUNAT strives to deliver 100% customers satisfaction from the first contact right up until the moment you receive your order. Our engagement rings are handmade with only the best materials and delivered as soon as possible. On top of impeccable customer service, we offer:

✓ Free shipping, 100% insured

✓ Gift packaging

✓ 30 day return

✓ 20 year product warranty

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