• What timeless pieces of jewellery should be in every collection?
  • Which colours are perfect for spring and summer?
  • How can I combine gold and diamond jewellery?

Spring and summer trends for 2018 conquered every runway from Paris to Milan last winter. New types of clothing, colour trends and a plethora of accessories stood tall and ready to take over everyone’s sunny seasons. But what if I do not like following trends? Or if I am looking to complement my trendy outfit with something that feels modern, but will always be classic? Then diamond jewellery is the only way to go!

What timeless pieces of jewellery should be in every collection?

There are certain pieces of timeless jewellery no jewellery box can go without. They complement each ensemble in your closet, from tracksuits to elegant evening wear and everything in between. The classic tennis bracelet is an absolute must-have since it is both toned-down and strikingly glistening. Get one in every available colour and wear them separately for elegance and stacked for a statement. Secondly, both diamond studs and statement earrings are elegant additions to every jewellery box. Together they cover every single look you could possibly want to go for and perfectly complement your other accessories.

The diamond ring might traditionally be synonymous to engagement rings, but there is no reason to wait for a proposal. Just like the pendant necklace, diamond rings stand out through their simplicity and will never go out of style.

Which colours are perfect for spring and summer?

Warm metals such as yellow and rose gold for diamond jewellery exude summery warmth and have been classic choices for years. Combine them for a trendy look or keep it monochrome for traditional elegance. Although white metals such as white gold and platinum can appear a little colder, you can easily add some springtime bling with a timeless coloured gem. Spring and summer are always the perfect seasons to break out the pastel tones and bright colour bursts, regardless of trends.

How can I combine gold and diamond jewellery?

Gold and diamond jewellery is just about the most easily combined type of jewellery out there. The classic elegance is perfect for every occasion and style, making them incredibly versatile. They range from the most classic to the trendiest and most extravagant pieces in and off their own, guaranteeing every single person can find pieces exactly fitting their style. Invest in pieces that completely fit your personal style, and you will proudly wear your diamond jewellery every day for the rest of your life. Moreover, their timeless look will make them the perfect heirlooms for future generations.

Where can I find the perfect diamonds for my style? How can I be sure jewellery that feels trendy now will remain timeless? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect additions to every jewellery collection.

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