• The diamonds of legends
  • Jewellery with a family history
  • An engagement ring which seals your love

Each diamond is a legend in itself because the likelihood of carbon crystalizing is extremely low. You will only find the perfect conditions 150 km below the earth’s surface, so by the time diamonds are mined, they carry centuries of history. No wonder that diamonds are a special gift. They are practically indestructible and will last for generations to come.

The diamonds of legends

Diamonds have always been hugely popular with the royals. Apart from a royal treasury containing many historical masterpieces, it is also mainly queens and princesses who keep unique, private collections. As a result pendants, broches and tiaras in all shapes and sizes make up the history of our European royal houses.

Sometimes a diamond has a different journey. The famous KRUPP-diamond, a specimen of no less than 33.19 carat, used to belong to a rich, German industrial family but came into the hands of Elizabeth Taylor. She was given this special gift by her fifth husband, Richard Burton for their 4th wedding anniversary. In 2011 this famous diamond was auctioned at Christie’s in New York for the record amount of $8,818,500.

Tip: Did you know that pink diamonds are highly popular these days when it comes to marriage proposals?

The jewellery with a family history

Contradictory to the KRUPP-diamond story, most families like to respect their traditions. Jewels such as diamond earrings or lockets engraved with the family crest are often passed on for generations: as a special gift for a christening or as an heirloom when a beloved family member dies. A diamond has thus both happy and sad stories.

When a certain type of jewellery is not very practicable to wear or when it has a rather outdated design, some families repurpose it by incorporating it into another piece of jewellery or decorative item. This way one unique item can last for centuries to come.

An engagement ring which seals your love

Your jewellery doesn’t have to be old to make a claim to an extraordinary story. What could be better than the historical origins of the love between you and your partner? There is no jewellery which symbolizes the bond with your loved one better than a diamond engagement ring. When choosing this special gift, you can take into account the personal anecdotes which make your story so unique. Her favourite colour or flower, a shared passion, the place where you met. When you keep these things in mind, you are sure to find the perfect engagement ring!

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