Flowers bring extra colour to our lives. They are popular as gifts or as decoration, and each single flower carries a special meaning. Just like precious metals, they are a symbol for certain marriage anniversaries. If you want to celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary in style an original idea would be to buy a ring inspired by hydrangeas. We’ll share the story of this exotic flower with you.


Where does the name hydrangea come from?

There are approximately 75 different types of flowering shrubs which belong to the hydrangea-family. The name of this flower can be traced back to the Greek word ‘hydrangea’, which means water vessel. Despite this name, the cone-shaped and bulbous flowers of the hydrangea do not hold water. On the contrary, they need lots of water to fully bloom. The flower first appeared in Japan and it took hundreds of years to find its way to Europe.

What does the hydrangea symbolise?

Before you buy a ring inspired by hydrangeas it is interesting to know what this magnificent flower symbolizes. In Japan, the hydrangea was initially linked to gratefulness. Nowadays, Japanese flower sellers use the pink version as a symbol of true love and marriage because the flowers of this plant resemble a heart.

Did you know, by the way, that most hydrangeas have one colour? There are, however, versions which, based on the acidity of the soil, can turn from pink to blue or the other way around. Contrary to its pink counterpart though, blue hydrangeas imply the rejection of a romantic proposal. This also why it is  best to stick with pink diamonds when you are buying a new ring for your loved one.

For which special occasions is jewellery inspired hydrangeas the perfect gift?

Seeing that pink hydrangeas are the symbol par excellence for true love, it is an ideal flower for numerous romantic occasions. It doesn’t just have to be your 4th wedding anniversary. They are also perfect for a marriage proposal or a wedding. A diamond ring inspired by the hydrangea’s pink colour is also a good idea when you’re planning on getting engaged any time soon.  Combined with a beautiful bouquet of pink hydrangeas it is a guarantee for success!

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