Mother's Day is a very special day and as everything on this day is about personal gratitude and the appreciation of life’s work, the gift should also have a personal touch. There are also nice personal gifts for smaller budgets in addition to jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift.


Not the most innovative present at first glance, but flowers and Mother’s Day in spring simply belong together. Perhaps not as a gift on its own but whether jewellery or just a framed family photo, flowers are indispensable on Mother's Day. Tip: If you don’t order the flowers via and online service, make sure you pre-order them from a florist; Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days in the flower industry and many florists do not have enough staff to wrap a bouquets for last-minute shoppers.


Photos are a wonderful souvenir, whether framed, in an album, as a print on a cuddly cushion, as canvas print, as a print on a coffee cup, every mother is loves pictures of her loved ones. Many of these items can be ordered online, all you need are digital photos in the best possible resolution.


Everyone knows about personal inscriptions but for a while now there have been books that include the name of the recipient and a placeholder in the appropriate places is replaced by the name. This means you can get an individualised story in which your mother is suddenly the main character.

Key rings

A popular classic for personalised gifts is the key ring, whether in the popular heart shape, with a shopping trolley coin or as a photo key ring. Engraving is quick and simple. There are also hybrid pendants that can be both a key ring and worn as jewellery on a necklace.

Dinner invitation

Time, a nice trip and a meal together are just as suitable a gift as material things. This not only gives your mother the feeling that you really care, but also creates beautiful memories of a day together.

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