Proposing in the summer has become increasingly popular over the past years. The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and people find themselves with more opportunities to find the perfect location and setting to pop the question.

Planning an exciting surprise is indeed a lot of fun, and you need to make sure you have the right sparkle to accompany the surprise: the most exclusive diamond jewellery to mark the day.


Fresh ideas for an original summer proposal

So, what is your plan? A romantic proposal at the beach while the sun sets? An adventurous getaway in a wooden cabin? Here are a couple of ideas that could inspire you for your ideal proposal this summer.
The magical deep blue proposal: for the adventurous spirits, who love bold holidays with lots of activities. You are on holidays with your bride-to-be, and you embark on a day’s trip of scuba diving. The boat, the sun and the whole underwater experience make for an amazing setting for a very unique proposal. You can plan it all beforehand with the diving company and ask them to assist you when you are underwater. You will not be able to say much, but as you are facing each other, you pull out the ring, which is tied to a red ribbon and you show it to your partner. The effect can only be extravagant and magical.
The glowing romantic beach picnic: for the dreamers, for the eternal romantics who love sunsets and the sound of the waves that acts as a lullaby. You need to prepare a cute basket filled with chilled champagne and some delicious finger food. When the moment is right, you will find the words, if you haven’t prepared any, and ask her to spend the rest of your lives together.

Fresh and summery exclusive diamond jewellery

Your proposal has been planned to the smallest detail and you are now looking into fresh and exclusive diamond jewellery that will be the cherry on the top of your proposal.
When proposing in the summer, you can let yourself be inspired by unusual designs and styles, that match the lightness and romantic feelings that are in the air during the long summer days.
You could choose a design inspired by nature with a floral pattern for example, or a ring with curves to delineate the movement of the waves.

Furthermore, you could decide to pick a yellow or red gold ring to match the summer light as the sun sets instead of the more traditional white gold which suits the winter proposal better.
How will you be proposing? Do you already have the exclusive diamond jewellery that will accompany the proposal?

BAUNAT’s exclusive diamond jewellery collection is as unique and special as your proposal.

Do not hesitate to browse our online catalogue.

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