The white gold ring has long been the traditional choice for wedding rings (engagement rings and wedding rings). White gold enhances the shine and sparkle of diamonds because it does not reflect colour through the stone and allows those who prefer the appearance of silver to honour tradition without compromising the beauty of the ring.

Here are 2 original ways to make your marriage proposal by offering a white gold ring. It's now possible to wear wedding rings without necessarily being married, with commitment-free wedding rings.

Relive your most beautiful memories together

With Smartphone video creation now easier than ever, you can use your phone to film different romantic locations where you have had a memorable time together.

For example, you can shoot a video in various places that are relevant to your relationship. For example, film at the park where you had a good time, at the restaurant you went to for the first time with her parents, or where you kissed for the first time.

Tell her why these moments were so special for you and your relationship and enjoy this beautiful emotion to ask for her hand with a beautiful white gold ring. Discover the main engagement ring trends in 2018; jeweller BAUNAT also offers original engagement rings that are distinguished by their timeless design. 

If you are a fan of the ocean, ask for her hand on the beach

No woman can resist a beautiful white gold ring. Your wife will always remember this beautiful moment in her life, and the white gold ring will forever be engraved in her heart.

Tell your partner that you have heard about a beach contest for the best sand drawing. Suggest creating your own drawings, of course, and then take the opportunity to write your marriage proposal in the sand.

Women can now propose to their partner. The marriage proposal represents the official moment when you asked for his hand, forever and ever.

Do you need advice on choosing your white gold ring? Jeweller BAUNAT is at your service to help you with your purchase. Discover all our timeless white gold rings on our website.

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