There is no science needed when buying a diamond jewel for your loved one, but there are still a lot of men struggling. Whenever for example, her birthday or Christmas is coming, men in general start to panic. Women are better at it. They listen, they remember and they shop. Buying a diamond jewel that brings out the desired result (joy, pure bliss, tears, etc.), is not so difficult. You only need to put some effort in it. By following the next three steps, you will get a lot further:

Step 1: what is the ideal gift?

Something specific. That means: no gift cards, unless it is specifically requested. In that case, you better wrap that card beautifully. That is the least you can do. Everything is about the effort you put into something.

Something of high quality. Because a good gift is something that lasts for a long period. Obviously the first thing that comes to our mind is a diamond. Buying a diamond jewel for the person you love unconditionally, is very romantic. That is why diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. Be careful though: do not go over your budget! You do not need to impress. A big diamond is nice, but a more subtle and stylish diamond jewel is definitely appreciated as well.

Step 2: ask yourself several questions

This is the hardest part. Once you have made the decision to buy her a diamond jewel, you will have to choose a specific design. That is why you should ask yourself some questions. What does she love? What is her style? Classic, vintage or rather extravagant? Her best friend can be a resourceful help if needed.

Step 3: ask her (subtly)

If you really do not know what diamond jewel to gift her, then you can always ask her subtly. You have to carefully approach her because it needs to be a surprise of course. Follow her answers and you are sure you have the perfect diamond gift for her.

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