• How do you choose a wedding ring for men?
  • What material for the groom’s wedding ring?
  • BAUNAT offers you designs that are completely on trend

The big day has come and, naturally you want everything to go perfectly. Everything is thought through, every detail is worked out to a T and of course a lot of thought has gone into the rings. They are, after all, the accessories that show your commitment to the world. That is why a wedding ring has to radiate the happiness and joy of the person wearing it. And because it is worn for the rest of your life, your ring has to mean something. But how do you find a ring you want to wear for the rest of your life? What wedding ring should you choose for the groom: a classic model or something more original? 

How do you choose a wedding ring for men?

The latest trends around weddings are wedding rings for men with diamonds. People who love a bit of sparkle, like their ordinary rings to be adorned with numerous diamonds. Being a man does not mean you cannot love diamonds. To the contrary, a diamond wedding or engagement ring gives a glow and radiance to your hand but also to your life. For example, he can choose a diamond wedding ring with a pave setting style to say yes to the woman of his life.

You might be attracted to a more modest wedding ring, but it will not radiate originality. When you are choosing a wedding ring you only have to keep yourself in mind, and look for a ring that says more about your personality. If you would like to have a unique wedding ring, you can opt for our tailor made service, for which you can simply contact the BAUNAT experts.

What material for the groom’s wedding ring?

These days you can buy a wedding ring in red, yellow and white gold or platinum. Men are mostly attracted to a platinum ring because it is more sustainable and hard. The bride and groom do not have to wear the same kind of wedding rings, both rings’ designs can be completely different. With this kept in mind, he can choose between the multiple designs, such as a wedding ring with an extraordinary diamond or a ring coated white gold. Jewellers are very creative and offer you a myriad of original rings made in white, yellow and red gold or platinum.

The thickness of the ring depends on the design. You can choose between finer rings or thicker rings, depending on your taste. There is no lack of choice. It suffices to know your personality and to find a ring that suits it best. 

BAUNAT offers you designs that are completely on trend. In the catalogue you will find a wedding ring suitable for every groom, which can even be personalized by engraving something special in it. 

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