• How do I go about organising my Valentine’s Day proposal?
  • What should I definitely not do?
  • What is most important?

Valentine’s Day is always a very popular time for choosing the perfect engagement ring and sliding this onto his or her finger. And that’s for a very good reason. The day is overflowing with romance and you certainly won’t forget the date in a hurry. But how do I make sure my proposal is fresh and original on a day like this?

How do I go about organising my Valentine’s Day proposal?

More so than on any other days, it’s very important to emphasise your personal relationship and his or her personality when you are considering a marriage proposal on 14th February. Make sure you have organised his or her favourite meal, film or flowers, to truly make your proposal unique. Shared secrets and milestones are also important to emphasise. This will allow you to make the international day of love all about the two of you.

Start the planning process in plenty of time. This will avoid unnecessary stress and unwanted problems. The perfect music, the right location and especially the perfect engagement ring will take a little time to organise.

What should I definitely not do?

How do I avoid clichés? Start with writing down the kind of proposals and presentations of engagement rings you instantly think of when thinking about a Valentine’s Day proposal. These won’t be amongst the ones you are going to consider. Don’t be too secretive either. This could result in your partner thinking you have something much more negative than a diamond ring to hide. And finally, don’t opt for the most obvious moment. So when should I propose to him or her during our meal? You don’t! Do it either before or afterwards, as this will create the best element of surprise.

It’s again very important to specifically think about your partner. What would my future husband or wife like most? You would be better off not going for a grand public proposal if he or she is rather introvert.

What is most important?

It’s important to thoroughly prepare for your big moment, but that doesn’t mean nothing can go wrong. The most important thing is that you demonstrate you know your partner through and through. The engagement ring in particular must perfectly suit him or her. The rest of the evening will be a beautiful moment to treasure for the both of you, but the engagement ring will always be the perfect symbol of your commitment for the rest of your lives. Choose a beautiful diamond ring, entirely in your partner’s style, to show how well you know him or her.

Where can I find the perfect engagement ring? BAUNAT can offer you classic or designer engagement rings which perfectly suit your partner and which can be supplied within 8 working days. The tailor-made rings are completely designed by you and will be in your possession within 4 weeks. Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice and complete your proposal.



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