• A diamond ring is the ultimate gift for Mother’s day.
  • A unique model will warm her heart. Also consider coloured diamonds or precious stones.
  • Have you not yet found a beautiful ring? BAUNAT has an extensive diamond ring collection.

Mother’s Day may be a long way away, but it is still advisable to start your search for the ideal gift early. The mother of your child(ren) deserves the best of the best and all things beautiful. If you are still clueless on with which gift to surprise her this year, we have a fun gift idea for you. A beautiful diamond ring will definitely leave her speechless. But which model to choose? Read on.

Which model is most suited for Mother’s Day?

Are you married and can a beautiful engagement ring be seen sparkling around her ring finger, you could opt for a diamond ring that is not too similar in style. Don’t panic, the possibilities are endless, but maybe a solitaire ring is not the best option here. Take into account her personal style and taste and choose a ring that she can wear with as much pleasure and that will stand out as much as her engagement ring. Or you can have a diamond ring tailor-made for you, based on your personal design or in consultation with a craftsman. We would love to assist you in this!

Are you not yet married? Then Mother’s Day could be a fun and original day to ask her hand in marriage. This, of course, calls for a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Here, you could opt for a classic solitaire ring! This model remains the go-to engagement ring for many men.

In combination with a coloured diamond or precious stone

If you really want to sweep her of her feet, you can incorporate a coloured diamond or precious stone in your design. These have become more and more popular with women over the past years. By adding colour, the ring stands out even more. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are stunning precious stones, especially combined with colourless or white diamonds and set in white gold or platinum. If you have a higher budget at your disposal, you can always opt for a coloured diamond. A pink diamond, for example, is the ultimate token of love, with which you can subtly convey your feelings for her.

Are you still on the look-out for a beautiful diamond ring? Feel free to browse through our extensive collection. Are you interested or do you have a question regarding one of our specific models, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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