It is that time of the year when we start feeling romantic as Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. You are beginning to think about the way you will be celebratingthe day with your loved one. It may be a fancy dinner in your favourite restaurant or a hearty home-cooked dinner. Or you may be a traditional romantic and you are going with the classic chocolates and a lovely card. But why not make this year particularly special by buying an unexpected gift for him?

Valentine’s Day: facts and figures

Are you a hopeless romantic? Then Valentine’s Day is probably your favourite celebration of the year. It is the day for lovers, when openly and publicly expressing your love is commonly accepted.

In a survey that was conducted by Shopkick in January 2018, 11,500 users were asked if they considered themselves romantic and a very high 76% of people actually responded positively with 38% of the people even admitting to beginning the planning of Valentine’s Day 1 month before.
In the UK, it is expected that over £450 million will be spent for Valentine’s Day on romantic dinners and flowers, with over 12 million dedicated to jewellery specifically.

In parallel, in America alone it is expected that people will be spending $30 billion on gifts for Valentine's Day this year. In fact, according to statistics that were shared by, over 54% of Americans have reported that they will be spending money for their loved one for Valentine’s in 2019.

Two elegant gift ideas for him

Two words for Valentine’s Day 2019: Watch & Cufflinks. These two timeless accessories have truly become essentials in men’s wardrobes and are ideal gifts for him.
A watch is to a man, what jewellery is to a woman: essential, unique and personal.
If you decide to buy a watch as a gift, you need to keep in mind your man’s taste and style. Think about the design and when your partner would wear the watch. Choose the colour and bracelet style carefully so that it is perfect for him.

If a watch is not really what you would like to give him this February, then we would recommend cufflinks. Masculine and elegant cufflinks, maybe set with a black gemstone called onyx and diamonds for a more dramatic effect that will certainly be out-of-the-ordinary. Cufflinks are ideal for a business man or a man that loves to dress up for special occasions.

Have you already chosen your gift for him? BAUNAT has a selection of masculine cufflinks and watches.

Do not hesitate to contact us for guidance.

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