• The September Birthstone – sapphire, is a type of gemstone that is famous for its cornflower blue colour.
  • A ring with sapphire and diamonds is one of the most classic models for an engagement ring.
  • In addition to an engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds, you can also add a nice touch of blue colour to your wedding to make it more original.

The September birthstone - sapphire, well known for its cornflower blue colour, is actually the name of a type of mineral corundum. The blue colour comes from the presence of iron particles inside the stone. High quality sapphires are regarded as one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. However, few people know that a sapphire exists in almost any colour, from green to yellow, and even in a rare pink-orangey tone. Therefore, coloured sapphires are a perfect alternative for coloured diamonds, which are much more expensive compared to sapphires. But of course, a coloured diamond will have a more intense sparkle compared to a sapphire.

A ring with sapphire and diamonds is one of the most classic models for an engagement ring. When Kate Middleton got engaged to Prince William, she inherited the blue sapphire engagement ring from Princess Diana, which attracted attention worldwide and made it one of the most famous jewels in the world. This 18 karat white golden ring, in which a 12-carat oval blue sapphire is embraced by 14 small diamonds, resembles a myriad of stars surrounding the moon, giving it a dazzling appearance.

If you are familiar with famous jewellery, then you should know that, in "A Thousand and One Nights", the “Star Light sapphire” is considered a protective amulet for travellers on the road. Did you also know that, during the Middle Ages, people believed that the sapphire was a unique stone that could help its owner conquer the whole world? For thousands of years, from the ancient civilization to the Western world during the Renaissance, and even still today, people have never stopped chasing the blue sapphire. This is because of the legends linked to its very early appearance, and its blue colour resembling the night sky, which is mysterious but elegant and fascinating.

“BRUID” (bride) is a fashion magazine published in the Netherlands, designed to keep brides and grooms updated with current wedding trends and to provide them with new concepts and ideas, from the bride's makeup to the wedding planning, and many other aspects. BAUNAT’s Entourage ring in white gold with an oval sapphire and round diamonds has been introduced and recommended by this magazine.

Blue, as the theme colour of your wedding, is the trendiest choice at the moment. Did you ever imagine that, in addition to an engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds, you could also add a nice touch of blue colour to your wedding to make it more original? Add a pair of sapphire earrings to your sapphire engagement ring to have yet some extra blue to your wedding.

1. Wedding car

Start the most special day in your life by driving a blue wedding car and arriving in style at the wedding venue! Classic light blue cars are suitable for couples that love the vintage style, and navy-blue luxury cars will be a perfect choice for the newly married couples that love a more classic style.

2. Wedding logo

Ask your wedding planner to design a personalized logo for you. Use blue as a background colour for the invitations, the banquet menu and the thank you cards.

3. Radiant bridesmaids

Ask all your bridesmaids to wear blue dresses. If you like this idea but are worried that the monotonous blue colour will appear slightly dull, then you can choose to have dresses in different shades of light to dark blue. Little piece of advice: consult a wedding dress expert and choose custom bridesmaid dresses from the same series in order to match the overall style.

4. A feast for your taste buds

Use blue coloured desserts and beverages to leave your guests stunned. For example, choose a blue cocktail, some blueberry muffins or blue lollipops, as well as a blue wedding cake, to make the blue element appear in every detail of wedding.

5. Romance everywhere

It is extremely romantic to have a wedding in an elegant garden full of flowers and plants. There may be a lot of options, but find a garden surrounded by blue flowers and plants, which will make your wedding ceremony the ultimate romantic celebration.

The most important part of the wedding is of course the engagement ring, which symbolizes the beginning of your life together. An engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds is also the eternal symbol of love and faith. BAUNAT fine diamond jewellery, handmade by the most talented craftsmen in Antwerp, perfectly interprets: Sapphire - not just beautiful in blue, but more beautiful on you.

Feel free to contact the BAUNAT diamond jewellery advisors and start creating your engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds for you or your loved one.

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