Every year on Valentine's Day, jewellers prepare themselves for the big rush. After all, jewellery is considered to be the perfect gift. Being showered with presents is nice, but the modern woman is also free to treat herself. Unthinkable just years ago, but now more and more women are paying for their own jewellery at the shop or online.

Taking care of the children and the home, spoiling the husband with a warm meal in the evening… a little more than half a century ago, emancipation was still an alien concept. As a woman, buying jewellery for yourself was considered unthinkable. Lies were told and the self-purchased jewel was declared to be a gift from the husband. Those days are fortunately well and truly over.

Having children and developing your career at the same time is no longer impossible. Statistics from the United States of America show that a quarter of the women take the initiative when it comes to jewellery and indulge themselves with a present at least once a year. Whoever manages her life brilliantly, should also reward herself for her successes!

Two gifts you can give to yourself:

Ear studs

Your own jewellery box is usually filled to the brim with earrings. The nice silver earrings from holiday destinations, the bargains from the flea market, a fashionable jewel from a boutique, etc. But do you also have a few precious pieces? Timeless diamond earrings suit every outfit, whether they are for the office, casual wear or festive events.


You probably own a couple of rings, but nothing complements them more beautifully than a matching bracelet. How about a gold bracelet, set with diamonds? Whether you're looking for a classic tennis bracelet or a more playful design, this piece of jewellery you will make you look radiant at any occasion, especially during the summer.

For all of those who prefer to receive a gift: simply bookmark the website page of your desired piece of jewellery or surf leave the website open on your tablet and let it linger on the table. Not every man understands subtle hints, some need a little nudge in the right direction.

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