After 5, 10 or ... years of marriage a lot of couples choose to celebrate their anniversary with a special gift. Men like to gift their beloved a ring with diamond. And although no specific rules exist, we recommend to choose a ring that fits her personal style. A wedding anniversary is a milestone that you just can’t pass by unnoticed. And that includes of course diamonds, many diamonds if it depends on women. Because love should be celebrated.

Tin or aluminum?

In the past, couples gave each other wood on their fifth wedding anniversary, tin or aluminum on their tenth, etc., and they waited until their fiftieth anniversary to celebrate with a gold jewel set with diamonds and/or gems. Modern traditions require that men should gift a ring with diamonds on the tenth wedding anniversary. However, we recommend to surprise her with a diamond ring on an unpredictable wedding anniversary. Make sure this ring fits the engagement and wedding ring. This way they can be worn on the same (ring) finger. Though this is not a must. In addition, it is certainly possible, and currently very popular, that the various rings are manufactured from another precious metal. To celebrate an anniversary, men often opt for a diamond eternity ring. But you can let your imagination run wild. The important thing is that the ring matches the style of your lover, even though it has changed through the (wedding) years.


Most women wear this ring with diamonds along with their engagement and wedding ring. Others wear it on their middle finger on the right hand, or instead of their wedding ring. It all depends on your personal preference. The anniversary ring can perfectly replace your wedding ring. Think of it as a new chapter in your wedding. It is very important that it gives you a good feeling.

A ring with diamond is always a good idea, certainly to celebrate an anniversary. BAUNAT would be pleased to help you in your search for a beautiful diamond ring to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

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