• How do I make the perfect Instagram picture of my golden ring?
  • What is the influence of the light and a filter on my picture?
  • Which hashtags do I use to share my picture on Instagram?

What’s shining around your finger? If it’s about an engagement ring from our extensive catalogue or a ring you got for special occasion: your golden ring deserves some attention! Taking and sharing pictures with your smartphone? Of course! Use the following 6 tips for the perfect Instagram picture and make all your followers jealous.


A close-up really shows the true beauty of your golden ring, eliminating other distractions that are not as important. Everyone knows where to look and what to like. If you take a close-up of your hand, make sure that your nails are well-groomed. First fill your nails, then share a picture.


You can also choose to photograph your golden ring separately. In this case, you need to create a nice composition with a neutral background. Experiment with plants, pillows, fabrics, sand, wood and everything you can find in your surroundings. Take the same picture from different perspectives and post the most interesting one using the hashtag #ringfie.


Do you know the influence of light on a diamond ring? Photographing gemstones isn’t as easy as you would think. Every lightsource has a different effect. For the best result it is recommended to use natural daylight or very soft artificial light. And without flash!


Do you like to experiment with filters and effects? Don’t do this when you’re photographing your golden ring. A diamond can look duller, discoloured or even too dark with an Instagram effect. So, go for less effects and more likes.


Stay yourself! Your Instagram will look better and you will gain more followers, if you stay true to your style. Only share that picture of your golden ring if you are 100% satisfied of it. Because although you could collect lots of hearts and blue thumbs, the only opinion that really matters, is yours.


When the picture of your golden ring is ready to share with the entire Instagram community, all you need to do is choose the right hashtags. We sum up the main English hashtags from the ‘Top 100 hashtags on Instagram’: #ringfie, #diamonds, #diamondring, #proposal, #wedding, #engagementring and #engagement.

Does your golden ring come from our extensive catalogue? Make sure to use #BAUNAT when you share your ringfie. Do you have questions about our offer or services? Chat with our team of experts.

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