• How can I include my passion in the message?
  • Which type of announcements reflect us as a couple?
  • When do I opt for either subdued or extravagant?

It goes without saying that your engagement is accompanied by rings. But a photograph of these rings doesn’t need to be the only way you announce your engagement. These creative announcements will ensure your ring is given a nice place, but your personality will be taking the limelight. Which personalised announcement says everything I want to say?

How can I include my passion in the message?

Your passion, hobby or preferences will create a beautiful backdrop to your engagement. Where many will simply share a photograph of their rings when they get engaged, you can incorporate the ring in a theme. Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Then you could celebrate with a mug of hot coffee whilst your ring is in the foreground. Do you enjoy a weekly game of Scrabble? Then you could spell your message out in Scrabble letters and replace the O’s with your engagement rings. Do make sure the depicted passion applies to both of you.

You can also add humour to your engagement. The rings could, for example, easily be worn by your beloved pets or action figures.

Which type of announcements reflect us as a couple?

How can we convey our personalities as a couple? Your lifestyle as a couple can easily make a comeback in your engagement announcement. You could opt to, for example, completely leave the rings out of the announcement. A sporty couple romantically on the tandem, with a subtle line at the bottom can perfectly express who you are together. Prefer something a little more traditional? Then you could also opt for a save-the-date-card instead of an announcement. This will ensure everyone knows exactly which date to keep free for your wedding.

Do you feel passionate about nature? Then a classy photoshoot in the open air can offer a beautiful alternative.

When do I opt for either subdued or extravagant?

The announcement of your engagement cannot only be adapted to your personality in terms of the theme, but you could easily personalise the entire look too. What if we are an extravagant couple? Then be sure to use bright colours and a busy setting to emphasise the rings with your engagement. Prefer things a little more subdued? The brilliance of your engagement ring will be just as strong on a black and white photograph. Zoom into your hands, or choose part of a larger whole. For example, a close-up of your hand with the engagement ring on his or her back during an embrace can be a subtle way of conveying the message.

How can I make my proposal creative too? How do I choose the perfect engagement ring for my partner? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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