Diamond is a stone that symbolizes purity and eternity. It is often used when making engagement rings, signet rings and is one of the most coveted stones by fine jewelry lovers.

White gold and diamonds

White gold is an alloy that reflects the elegance and sobriety through its splendid color, which reminds us of silver. White gold was used for the first time in the 20’s. This platinum substitute is covered with a layer of rhodium, which is the metal that gives it its shine.

White gold can sublimate any colored stone (amethyst, topaz, tourmaline, etc.), but is the type of metal which fully adapts to the diamond. It can be used in the design of a solitaire ring or alliance. It is not a coincidence white gold rings with a brilliant have been the most popular engagement rings for many years.

How to choose a white golden ring set with diamonds?

First, define the “destination” of the ring. If it is doomed to engagement, the ideal choice is to opt for a white golden ring with a large diamond.

The central diamond may be accompanied by other colored stones (precious or semiprecious), however it is important to emphasize elegance. Indeed, some stones can alter the fabulous sobriety mix between gold (purity) and diamond (eternal love).

For wedding rings, it is best to choose rings that have rails made of diamond, called eternity rings. Initials can be engraved on the jewelry to immortalize marriage.

Note that white gold is a metal alloy. Therefore, it is more fragile than the yellow gold and requires regular maintenance to prevent the attenuation of rhodium. To ensure the longevity of the jewel, it is strongly recommended to choose 18-karat gold.

Above three grams, the rings in white gold must be marked with two hallmarks. The first is the guarantee of its composition, while the second indicates the identification of the professional who made the jewelry.

White gold and diamond for an engagement ring

The engagement ring is a token of love and symbolizes the promise of a union. No rules have been established for the selection of the ring, but it is based on certain criteria. Generally, the ring is set with a diamond, symbol of purity, sincerity of feelings and stability of the relationship.

The future groom chooses a white golden ring with a diamond to mark his willingness to become engaged. The high price of the precious stone symbolizes the importance of the love that he has for her. Aesthetically, white gold highlights the brilliance of the diamond.

The subtle combination of white gold and diamonds evokes elegance and solidity. It is much more expensive than pure yellow gold and is very aesthetic. It is advisable to choose white gold alloyed with rhodium which remains bright for years without maintenance. The use of platinum prevents the ring from getting scratches.

White gold and diamond, how to choose good quality?

White gold is an alloy of 75% of pure gold and 25% silver, palladium and zinc. In fact, it is not completely white but slightly yellow. All BAUNAT's jewellery in white gold is alloyed with high-quality palladium to make its silvery-white colour last longer.

When choosing a ring in white gold and diamonds for an engagement, it is recommended to consider four criteria to determine the value and quality of a diamond. These are the so called 4Cs: Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. It is advisable to observe these criteria on the certificate attached to the ring if the stone weighs more than 0.4 carat.

The color of the diamond is expressed in letters from D to Z, in a descending order. D is the less colorful and therefore offered at a higher price.

The purity is expressed in IF. When no defect is visible under x10 magnifying microscope, the diamond is said to be absolutely pure.

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