Buying a diamond online is very easy and safe, but if you are looking for a cushion cut brilliant, you must consider two important factors: the length/width ratio (square vs. rectangular) and faceting (the cushion cut brilliant vs. the modified cushion cut brilliant).

The cushion cut brilliant is an antique form and very popular with women for more than a century. A classic round brilliant has a nice sheen, but cushion cut diamonds shine even more because of their rounded corners with extra-large facets. Therefore, they are very nicely set into an engagement ring or brilliant earrings.

The cushion cut brilliant

You don’t buy a diamond every day. It is a (smart) investment for life and should be done deliberately. Nowadays, the cushion cut brilliant is popular again. The facets can be compared with the ones of a round brilliant, but larger. This is why cushion cut diamonds capture more light, what entails a beautiful brilliance.

The modified cushion cut brilliant

The modified cushion cut brilliant looks at first sight a lot like a cushion cut brilliant. However, modified variants have an extra row of facets, giving them a unique brilliance reminiscent of sparkling water or crushed ice. Because people are less likely to buy such a diamond and the amount of carat is higher after the diamond is cut, modified cushion cut diamonds are often cheaper.

If you are planning to buy a diamond to ask your beloved to marry you or to surprise her for her birthday, then we recommend a (modified) cushion cut brilliant. Of course you can also contact us for other diamond shapes. 

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