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What is the diamond’s history in Paris?

  • When was the first diamond cut in Paris?
  • How did the diamond earn its reputation in France?
  • Who is the oldest diamond jeweller in Paris?

  • Even though Antwerp has the strongest reputation as the ultimate diamond city, the diamond certainly also has a rich international history. Before the diamond took up its irrevocable position in Antwerp, cities including London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris also enjoyed a strong position in the industry. What is the diamond’s history in Paris? Where is this still evident today?

    When was the first diamond cut in Paris?

    Even though the diamond already had a great deal of significance among the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, it took until 1407 before the first official cutting methods took hold. A thriving guild of jewellers and gemstone cutters in Paris took it upon themselves to cut the diamond with established methods for the first time. Even though the methods and the final result no longer resemble how we see the cut diamond today, it did mark the start of a rich evolution.

    The guild was one of the few places where the diamond was cut until Lodewijk van Berchem discovered that the diamond could be cut with diamond dust in Bruges in 1434. He also introduced the concept of symmetry and facets in diamond cutting.

    How did the diamond earn its reputation in France?

    The incredibly strong diamond already had an unsurpassed reputation before it could be cut into the beautiful shapes we are familiar with today. The gemstone’s hardness was equal to invincibility and immortality. This was something also noted by King Louis IX and he introduced a new law in the 13th century, which reserved diamonds for the king. He was the only one permitted to adorn himself with the exceptional stone. However, the diamond was popular with the entire royal family in Paris within 100 years, with both the men and women.

    The European aristocracy often served as an example to the French court when it came to style and culture, resulting in the diamond quickly spreading as an exclusive luxury item. Some wealthy merchants were already adorning themselves with diamonds by the 17th century.

    Who is the oldest diamond jeweller in Paris?

    An established value when people think about diamonds in Paris is Mellerio dits Meller. The diamond house has been around for approximately 400 years and has been run by the same family for 14 generations. Important historic figures like Maria de Medici and the Empress Eugénie always opted for the house when buying their jewellery. The house had been in existence for 157 years when it served Marie Antoinette. The exclusive and incredibly expensive jewellery would never be made a second time. The house therefore doesn’t have a fixed collection and only works with personal designs.

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