Buying diamond jewellery online, it couldn't be easier. However, sometimes you need personal advice, or even to try the gold jewellery on first.  That is completely understandable, which is why  BAUNAT has showrooms across the globe. And, as of today, Hong Kong in China can be added to the list. A new private office where under the professional guidance of our diamond experts, you can buy diamond jewellery or individual diamonds.   

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Why visit a BAUNAT showroom?

Stunning diamond jewellery is on display at BAUNAT showrooms
Does this gold bracelet  look good on me? Will these platinum earrings  complement my style of clothing? If you are looking for diamond jewellery or would like to buy individual diamonds, naturally you wish to do so with confidence. After all, when it comes to choosing engagement rings, gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings or other diamond jewellery, no doubt you will appreciate expert assistance. This can be arranged for you during an appointment at one of the BAUNAT showrooms, with a personal advisor. Compare, try on, choose and buy in a delightful, tranquil ambience? Visit the new BAUNAT showroom in Hong Kong!

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Where can I find the BAUNAT Hong Kong showroom?

Hong Kong: just one of the cities with a BAUNAT showroom
Our showroom in Hong Kong is located in the traditional Central Business District, in the heart of Hong Kong.  It is easily accessible with the Airport Express that takes you straight from the airport to the International Finance Centre. The perfect excuse to try on diamond jewellery whilst shopping in one of the large shopping malls, such as the opulent Landmark mall.

Other BAUNAT showroom locations

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When can I visit a BAUNAT showroom?

Visit our showrooms for advice on diamond jewellery - BAUNAT
Would you like to compare engagement rings, try on other diamond jewellery or compare the two diamond qualities that are available online in our newest showroom?  Showroom visits are by appointment only. Get in touch with the BAUNAT experts  to book your appointment. Your personal advisor will be on hand to show you a selection of dreamed-about jewellery. Or, do you have your own creative idea? If so, make an appointment to discuss it and let our craftspeople bring your idea to fruition.  In fact: besides buying diamond jewellery or individual diamonds, you can also find solutions to acquire tailor made jewellery at BAUNAT.

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It's not just at BAUNAT showrooms that you can call upon personal advice (by appointment only). Are you browsing the collections online and have a query? If so, be sure to get in touch via live chat, email or over the phone.

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Hong Kong isn't the only location where you can make an appointment at a BAUNAT showroom.  Other locations are certainly worth a visit too.
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