You have set the date for your wedding and it will take place in the middle of autumn, your favourite season. Autumn is the season of warm colours, of mild days where you can sense that summer is finished but the cold weather is not there yet. It is the time where you can still enjoy a wedding reception outside and finish the evening by the fire reminiscing about the most beautiful day of your lives.

The wedding dress has been ordered and you are now looking at the smaller accessories needed to complete your outfit. You are thinking about a gold necklace, but which style would be the best for your dress?

  • A timeless pendant
  • An intricate necklace
  • A magical locket

A timeless pendant

A timeless pendant is an excellent choice when you wish to add a touch of sparkle, without taking away the centre stage from the dress itself. It could also be a lovely option when your wedding dress is more elaborate, or you are wearing a wedding coat or shawl.

You could choose a classic solitaire diamond pendant or a subtle gold pendant with a design based on your theme or inspired by your surroundings. The idea here is to complete your wedding outfit with a simple piece of jewellery that is delicate and discrete.

An intricate necklace

If you have chosen a simpler design for your wedding dress, then we would recommend choosing a beautiful and more intricate gold necklace. A necklace that would make a statement and complement your outfit without being over the top either.

It could be a bold gold necklace where the design itself is what makes it special. Or it could be a necklace set with diamonds and gemstones to add brilliance and colour to your whole outfit. Whichever style you favour, it will add a unique and personal touch to your wedding ensemble.

A magical locket

The magical locket is a very personal choice as the whole purpose of a locket is to hold your secrets or something special close to your heart.

You could have a photo of your partner and yourself in the locket, or a lock of hair belonging to one of your children as a token of good luck. You could also choose a simpler locket that holds a sentence or word that means everything to you.

There are many options to choose from nowadays, therefore whether you know exactly what you desire or in case you are still undecided, do not hesitate to have a look at our beautiful online collection. In fact, BAUNAT has a wonderful selection of gold necklaces, elegant pendants and unique lockets. We also offer a personalisation service should you decide to have your gold necklace engraved or personalised in any way.

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