• Who is Elke Peeters?
  • What is so special about her exclusive BAUNAT collection?
  • Why does this collection suit me?

“Follow your dreams. Live your life.” Elke Peeters designs her jewellery in line with this philosophy. As was the case with Anne Zellien, this outstanding designer also ended up at BAUNAT as a result of her success at BAUNAT’s and the Flanders Fashion Institute’s design competition. We would now like to introduce you to Elke and her elegant designer collection at BAUNAT.

Who is Elke Peeters?

Jewellery designer Elke Peeters places the emphasis in her jewellery on femininity and elegance. She bases this on the woman’s beauty and intrinsic elegance, with specific attention devoted to the inner life. She states her inspiration for new collections simply comes from women who buy her existing collections. “At that specific moment I am giving her a little piece of me,” she said. This statement reflects the deep emotions and valuable meaning which Peeters attributes to her jewellery.

This value doesn’t merely apply to her. “People recognise themselves in my creations.” This ensures everyone can find something valuable in her collection.

What is so extraordinary about her exclusive collection with BAUNAT?

The collection which Elke Peeters designed exclusively for BAUNAT puts the spotlight on a woman’s shape. The name ‘Dancing Lady’ simply refers to a woman’s beauty during a slow dance. The dynamics of a slow dance and the soft feminine shapes which are thereby emphasised are therefore very much evident in the elegant jewellery. The round simplicity of the diamond necklace, the earrings which remind us of a ballerina sur-les-pointes, each piece echoes a dance movement.

Every piece of jewellery perfectly matches the rest of the collection, but constantly highlights a different aspect of the complex subtleties of a dancing woman.

Why does this collection suit me?

As the designer herself said, it’s easy to recognise yourself in her jewellery. One diamond necklace exudes simplicity and style, whilst the other is complex and intriguing. This ensures the guiding principle is respected in each theme, whilst each piece of jewellery offers something unique. What if I prefer wearing a lively diamond ring? Which diamond necklace can I wear as a classic? The exclusive ‘Dancing Lady’ collection can offer a suitable and tasteful solution for every personal taste, different style or special occasion.

Where can I see the exclusive jewellery? How can I order my diamond necklace online? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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