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Why should I buy my engagement ring in Antwerp from BAUNAT?

  • Where can I view my engagement ring in Antwerp?

  • Which services can the showroom offer me?

  • What price-quality ratio can BAUNAT offer?

  • It’s important for you to make a well-considered decision when choosing an engagement ring. It’s therefore certainly a good idea to admire your ring from up close before making a purchase. You can do exactly that in BAUNAT’s showroom in Antwerp.

    Where can I view my engagement ring in Antwerp?

    You can take a closer look at the showroom models which are also available on our website in the BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp. This will ensure the engagement ring you have chosen perfectly links into your personal taste too. Do bear in mind that it won’t be possible to instantly take the ring with you from the showroom. This is because we only produce jewellery upon request at BAUNAT.

    Your unique engagement ring from Antwerp will be delivered straight to your home. This is also one of the main reasons why BAUNAT can offer you diamond jewellery at unbeatable prices.

    Which services can the showroom offer me?

    You can order your perfect engagement ring on the spot in the showroom. We offer our 20 year product guarantee for all our engagement rings, regardless of your budget. You can talk to us about all your expectations in relation to the design of your engagement ring, the quality of the diamond and the materials used during your showroom visit. This means you can be sure you are truly buying your dream ring.

    We can also offer you the opportunity to compare two natural diamonds, allowing you to see the difference in quality between the two standard types of diamond quality we offer on our website with your very own eyes.

    Which price-quality ratio can BAUNAT offer?

    With an engagement ring from BAUNAT you are opting for the ideal ratio between quality and affordability. Our diamonds are always of a high level of purity and a beautiful colour, without becoming too exclusive. You will only find this unsurpassed price-quality ratio at BAUNAT, as all of our diamonds are purchased at the source and subsequently all individually handmade in Antwerp.

    Would you like some advice when choosing your engagement ring? Make an appointment to come and see us in our showroom in Antwerp or contact one of BAUNAT’s diamond experts.

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