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Why did BAUNAT choose Königsallee for its jewellery in Düsseldorf?

  • What is Königsallee?
  • What other places of interest can the area offer?
  • Where can I personally view BAUNAT’s jewellery?

  • BAUNAT is there for you internationally. It therefore goes without saying we choose the locations of our showrooms with the utmost care, making sure we can optimally contribute to your unique experience. But how do we choose the locations? Why is the jeweller in Düsseldorf located at the Königsallee? You can discover that here.

    What is Königsallee?

    The Königsallee is well known for the luxury and exclusivity which the German boulevard exudes. The name is now internationally known as being synonymous with high quality and unique nostalgia for glamorous times. The boulevard is still adorned by the beautiful trees which have contributed to the street’s iconic atmosphere throughout the years. Artisans and craftsmen were already creating art on the wide boulevard as far back as the 18th century.

    Names such as Gucci, Armani and various other international names started out on the Königsallee, sometimes also affectionately referred to as the Kö, or made their name there. The perfect base for our jeweller in Düsseldorf.

    What other places of interest can the area offer?

    The Königsallee isn’t the only trademark for the unique city, it’s literally bustling in every corner. For those who don’t care so much for the exceptional luxury and exclusivity, you’ll also be able to find the Schadowstraße near the Königsallee: one of the most popular shopping streets in the whole of Germany. The historic city centre of Düsseldorf is also brimming with historic gems and rich stories from across the times.

    Lovers of modern architecture won’t be disappointed either. You can find some amazing samples of contemporary art in the converted Medienhafen harbour area.

    Where can I personally view BAUNAT’s jewellery?

    Our jeweller in Düsseldorf isn’t the only place you can visit, as we have outlets in various other large cities too. We have carefully selected a number of exclusive international locations where we can provide you with an optimal service. This means you will always have a great jeweller to visit in Düsseldorf, but also in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and many more. You even have the option of placing your order in a faraway showroom whilst travelling and have it sent to a showroom near you fully insured.

    Looking for the perfect piece of jewellery, but you’d rather see it in person before placing an order? Make an appointment at our jeweller in Düsseldorf or one of the other showrooms, or ask our diamond experts for advice.

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