Choosing a season to get married and setting a date is not an easy task. In India, it seems that most weddings occur either in the summer or in the winter. Winter is particularly popular because it not only offers milder temperatures which in a country like India is always welcome, but more importantly, because it is a most auspicious time.

Furthermore, the Indian culture being so influenced by their heritage and spirituality, means that brides need to follow certain traditions such as wearing a red dress and wearing intricate bridal jewellery, in particular necklaces, that bring good auspicious times to the couples.

  • What is the Shubha Muhurat - auspicious time?
  • Why are necklaces particularly essential to Indian weddings?

What is the Shubha Muhurat - auspicious time?

In India, a wedding cannot happen if it does not take place at the most beneficial time for the couple. This beneficial time or auspicious time is actually called Shubh Muhurat. It is crucial in India to initiate any new venture such as a wedding taking into account the Muhurat as it gives certainty to the couple that it will be successful. Furthermore, it is said that Muhurat harmonises forces with nature, thereby improving the chances that things will happen without hurdles.

These are the reasons why the winter season is a particular favourite for Indian weddings, because most auspicious times happen to fall during this beautiful season.

Why are necklaces particularly essential to Indian weddings?

As part of the Muhurat, Indians also consider other aspects to improve the chances of success even more. These involve the bride wearing red because it is the symbol of the rising sun, of prosperity and fertility. Another example is bridal jewellery and especially necklaces.

Of all the bridal jewellery that Indian brides wear, necklaces are the most essential pieces. Necklaces are considered auspicious in their own right and even mandatory as they are believed to add an overall spiritual aura to the bride. Intricate necklaces enhance a woman’s beauty with their exquisite elegance.

Bridal jewellery in India holds great cultural and spiritual significance. It is bold, it makes a statement and any bride would be considered incomplete without it.

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