• What types of diamond jewellery are perfect for a casual style?
  • How do I choose something a little more out there?
  • What matches an extravagant style?

Having a predominantly casual style does not exclude wearing some of the most beautiful diamond jewellery around, and neither does a love of extravagance. The timeless nature and many different styles of diamond jewellery guarantee you can find the perfect piece for every man and woman. Find out how to match your partner’s style perfectly.

What types of diamond jewellery are perfect for a casual style?

A casual or sporty style usually signifies a more practical partner. They might have other priorities than composing a sophisticated outfit every day, which is why classic and elegant pieces are just what they need. Keep it basic with easy to combine and subtle diamond pieces that complement a straightforward style. Easy to wear diamond ear studs or a solitaire ring are just the thing your partner needs for a practical, but refined look.

Beware: subtle does not equal boring. Do not hesitate to mix metals or choose a coloured diamond or gemstone if you know your partner likes that. Just make sure that when you choose something more notable like a statement piece, they will not be overwhelmed by it.

How do I choose something a little more out there?

Contrary to what many people think, there is indeed a middle ground between casual and extravagant that many people love. With countless variations, many people enjoy a personal style complemented by the occasional statement piece or a bold look finished with subtle and classic diamond jewellery. There are, however, pieces of jewellery that can be worn both as statement and as detail, depending on how they are worn.

Especially stackable rings lend themselves amazingly for varying styles and moods. Wear one as a subtle finishing touch, or five with different metals for a gorgeous statement.

What matches an extravagant style?

Most styles do well with a bold statement piece as long as you know how to wear it, but for the more extravagant partner you can go all out in finding the perfect statement piece without having to worry about it being too much for their taste. For the bold and extravagant statement, you have the freedom to choose something that will always stand out, no matter what. A big ring with unusual black diamonds or a combination of different styles, metals and lengths of diamond necklaces work very well with all sorts of colour schemes and provide the exact daring atmosphere you desire.

Where can I find the perfect pieces of diamond jewellery to match my partner’s style? How can I be sure to pick the right piece? Contact the diamond experts at BAUNAT for guidance in finding the perfect diamonds.


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