• Why should I invest in platinum instead of gold?
  • How do I invest in platinum?
  • Why should I buy diamonds as a raw material?

Keeping a gold nugget has been known to be a wise investment for years, if you are interested in expanding your portfolio with raw materials. However, it’s often forgotten that this is not the only intrinsically valuable investment. Why should I invest in platinum? When should I be buying diamonds?

Why should I invest in platinum instead of gold?

Why should I choose platinum over gold? Because platinum is much rarer. The much lower production and the larger number of possible applications means demand for this is much greater. Platinum jewellery requires much less maintenance compared to jewellery made of gold. They carry an equally high status, but don’t corrode. This means you will not need to have your platinum jewellery cleaned or spruced up for the same level of prestige. Gems like diamonds also look best when combined with platinum or white gold.

In addition, platinum isn’t just in demand in the jewellery industry. Its versatility has also been discovered in the industrial and medical world.

How do I invest in platinum?

  1. Why should I opt for bars of platinum?

Bars of platinum are purely an investment. You buy a bar and place this in your safe until the raw material has increased in value enough for you to sell it on again. Bars are harder to sell on than other forms, but you will get a high return on the pure raw material. Do pay attention to the stamp from a reputable seller. This means you’ll be able to count on 99.95% purity.

  1. Why should I opt for platinum coins?

Which form of platinum should I choose for a smaller investment? Opt for platinum coins. You can choose the quantity you want to buy with which starting budget. You can subsequently sell them all at the same time, or a few each time. This will ensure you can keep something for yourself for later. This flexibility also makes it easier to sell them on again when you are ready to do so.

  1. Why should I opt for platinum jewellery?

Finally, you could opt for an investment in a valuable piece of jewellery. Platinum can be beautifully combined with diamonds into a timeless accessory which suits everything. Globally platinum jewellery is also experiencing an enormous rise as a result of its sustainability. You are therefore always opting for quality. How can I realise even higher returns on my jewellery? With sentimental value. Jewellery will increase in value during the course of time, as you give this your own story.

Why should I buy diamonds as a raw material?

A diamond will always be your best choice if you’re looking for a valuable investment with added emotional value. The international treaty to ban conflict diamonds via the Kimberley process will guarantee you ethical diamonds. Plus you can also buy diamonds in addition to platinum in the form of a special and personal piece of jewellery.

Where can I find a reliable partner for my valuable investment? Why can I find beautiful platinum and diamond jewellery? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice for your safe investment in platinum jewellery.

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