• What is typical of spring weddings?
  • How do I choose diamond jewellery to match my theme?
  • How can I use jewels and diamonds differently?

Spring is many people’s favourite time of year, and for good reason. Flowers bloom, colour returns to the world and all seems right again. Which is why you cannot wait to incorporate the perfect floral and faunal jewellery into your spring-ready bridal look. Ready to shake off that winter gloom for your spring wedding? Here is how you do it.

What is typical of spring weddings?

Spring weddings are all about celebrating new life by starting a new one together. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine with family and friends, and you are sure to end up with an unforgettable experience. Spring is synonymous to pastels and shades of green. You can easily incorporate those typical hues down to the slightest details for a stylish, but modern feel. Soft pink fruit cocktails add colour to the bar and offer refreshing flavours to the guests. Your bridal bouquet springs to life with enchanting spring flowers such as hawthorn, lilies, magnolias and many more.

Even your menu can echo the crisp warmth of budding springtime with seasonal vegetables and lively centrepieces. More innocence and less boldness than a summer wedding, while still basking in fresh rays of sunshine.

How do I choose diamond jewellery to match my theme?

The intense sense of wonder brought about by the stunning season can easily be represented by diamond jewellery in matching shapes and colours. Bridal jewellery looks stunning when matched with your engagement ring and wedding ring, but make sure it still fits your theme as well. Mixing metals is all the rage, which makes yellow gold and rose gold perfect additions to your spring theme. They reflect the warmth of the season and look timeless yet modern with different colour metals. Be sure to complement your dress with the colours of your jewellery as well.

How can I embody the new season with my jewellery? By choosing a bridal set completely inspired by springtime with frivolous butterflies or lively flowers.

How can I use jewels and diamonds differently?

Embellishing your dress and donning sparkling jewellery is only one way of enjoying jewels and diamonds on your wedding day. A subtle and classic touch, however, is adding them to your bouquet. Order a professionally made jewel or incorporate existing pieces yourself. This is a great way of making the first diamond studs your partner ever gave you part of the wedding, but simultaneously being able to wear those statement earrings you fell in love with. Your mother’s diamond ring makes an unforgettable addition to your bridal hair accessory without overshadowing your own engagement ring.

Where can I find the perfect bridal jewellery for my spring wedding? How can I make sure my jewels and diamonds match my entire theme? Consult the diamonds experts at BAUNAT for your perfect spring wedding.

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