What types of engagement rings exist and what is the most popular engagement ring? Which one fits best on the right finger of your fiancé? Why should you choose a certain type of engagement ring? You will find out in this blog.

When buying an engagement ring, most men stick to traditional models. Despite all the innovations in jewellery and the latest trends in engagement rings, they often prefer to play it safe. That's why classic diamond engagement rings are still the most popular.

What types of engagement rings exist?


The solitaire engagement ring is the classic engagement ring with a plain precious metal band and one gemstone in the centre. A solitaire ring becomes more unique by combining a smaller stone with a thicker band for a more modern piece of jewellery that lasts longer. The size of the diamond depends on your budget, but it's the number of prongs (4 or 6) and the chosen precious metal that determine the look of the ring.

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The trilogy engagement ring has three stones. They can all be the same size, but often the middle one is the biggest. The three stones symbolise the past, present and future. That makes it a meaningful design for your engagement ring. How do you make a trilogy ring more unique? With different kinds of gemstones as an alternative for the diamond ring.

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The halo engagement ring is a ring with a larger central stone with smaller stones around it. The smaller stones provide an optical enlargement of the central stone. You can also very easily incorporate your own loose diamonds. Usually, you choose a round brilliant as the central stone for a halo engagement ring. Still, we see that variations are gaining popularity. You can also choose a square princess cut as a central diamond for an engagement ring with a reference to the art deco period.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of ring?


A classic ring like the solitaire never goes out of fashion. It is not only a beautiful, but also a smart investment. Because there is only one stone in the ring, you can choose a more impressive one.
With a solitaire ring, the diamond is often placed high on the ring, which some people may find a little disturbing. Fortunately, there are also lower-set designs.


The three stones of the trilogy reflect each other's light. The engagement ring shines more than the solitaire, with an equally simple design. It is very versatile and easy to combine with other jewels.
The trilogy can be personalised with special gemstone colours to match.


The halo comes in many more variations than the solitaire and the trilogy. More unique, therefore. It is technically more complicated than the other types.
This type is striking and more difficult to combine with other jewels or styles. Its size makes it less practical to wear every day. Choose a different gemstone for the centre or side stone. That way it fits her style and you can save money without compromising on quality.

What are the most popular engagement rings?

The classic solitaire is still the most common type and the most popular engagement ring. Worldwide, around 51% of rings sold in 2017 were solitaire.

Second place is for the trilogy. This ring accounted for 29% of engagement ring sales in 2017.

Very popular, but less ubiquitous is the halo. It was responsible for about 10% of rings last year.

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