Now is the time when you can start getting excited for the holidays as they are approaching quickly. The dinners, the parties, Christmas with friends and family and most of all, the party of the year that marks the end of this year and the beginning of a new one filled with hope and wishes.

Are you already wondering which dress you are going to wear to celebrate the New Year? Don’t forget to think about the jewellery as this year we recommend stunning gold diamond statement necklaces that will really make you shine. But how do you wear statement necklaces? Here are a few ideas to help you.

  • Going bold and adding colour
  • Wearing an all-black outfit
  • Adding glamour with other types of statements

Going bold and adding colour

The great thing about holiday parties and in particular New Year’s Eve is that you can go wild and bold and extravagant with the sparkles because it is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

This is why we recommend going bold and adding colour to your gold diamond necklace. You can add colour by adding colourful gemstones such as sapphires for blue, emeralds for green, rubies for red or even yellow diamonds for yellow. There are truly many options and the more colour and different gemstones you combine on one statement necklace the better.

Wearing an all-black outfit

It seems that most women just love to wear black on New Year’s Eve for that elegant look. That is absolutely fine, especially if you choose to wear a gold diamond necklace that will be the centre of attention of your whole outfit.

Sometimes wearing colours can be distracting and one does not see the jewellery as much. If you choose to wear a bold statement necklace, a more classic look is the perfect complement. That is when the iconic little black dress, for example, is perfect to highlight your necklace’s lustre. Jewellery on black background really stands out and appears shinier, it is the perfect combination for an end of year celebration.

Adding glamour with other types of statements

Not planning on wearing a subtle black dress, but still looking for a statement? Then choose jewellery not worn over your clothes as necklaces are. Adding sparkle with large statement earrings or a gorgeous cocktail ring works just as well but allows you to be more adventurous in your outfit. Do make sure to keep only your statement piece in the centre of attention by not wearing any other jewellery or keeping other accessories very subtle.

Have you already chosen your perfect gold diamond necklace to wear on New Year’s Eve? BAUNAT has an amazing selection of necklaces, from intricate designs to beautiful designer necklaces that would be perfect for end of year celebrations. Have a look at our extensive online catalogue and you will certainly find your dream gold diamond necklace there.

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