• Pay attention to these pitfalls when you buy diamonds abroad.
  • Contact the consultancy service of BAUNAT in Nice in France for your purchases.
  • Buy loose diamonds or diamond jewels in a friendly atmosphere. 

Are you going on holiday this summer? What do you think about bringing a beautiful diamond as a souvenir this year? Tempting, right? Especially when you are completely relaxed, strolling underneath the sun alongside the beautiful jewellery stores’ shop windows. But can you be sure of your purchase abroad? This is exactly why BAUNAT opened showrooms in Amsterdam, Genève, Paris and now also in Nice, France. In these showrooms, you can confidently buy diamonds and diamond jewels during your stay at the Côte d’Azur. Buying a diamond ring, a solitaire ring or an engagement ring in Nice in France? Our experts advise and guide you with your purchase. 

Do’s and don’ts

We also like to tell you what pitfalls you need to pay attention to when you buy jewellery abroad:

  • Do not feel pressured to buy something after a few drinks in a shop. Sounds logical but it still happens more often than you think. We too like to create a friendly atmosphere when you contact us to discuss the purchase of a diamond ring in Nice, France, but you decide whether you would like to buy something or not.
  • Turn the diamond jewel around and look at it that way. Does it seem like the diamond is hollow or like it is not finished completely, be careful then! When our craftsmen finish your jewel, you will notice that all our efforts are invested in the quality of the finished product. So, when in Nice, please turn your diamond ring or solitaire ring around.
  • Ask the owner for a magnifying-glass so you can check the metalwork. In case you notice little dots, your purchase will not last for a long time. An unfortunate investment.
  • Pay attention to the certificate. Every BAUNAT jewel that has a diamond bigger than 0.30 carat, you standardly receive a certificate from a renowned laboratory that describes the 4C’s of your diamond. Also when you buy your diamond ring in Nice, France.
  • In addition, during your holiday, consider your budget for the purchase of jewellery. On holiday, it is tempting to pay less attention to that.

Buying diamonds in the French Nice

Do you want to combine the best of both worlds? Enjoy the sun, sea, beach and confidence of buying unique diamond jewels. Book your holiday to the Côte d'Azur now and make an appointment with the consultancy service of BAUNAT in Nice, France. You will find our diamond experts close to the Avenue Jean Médecin, near the Place Masséna. Buying a solitaire ring in Nice or choosing the perfect engagement ring has never been so easy.

Make an appointment

Our experts love to help you with the selection of loose diamonds or diamond jewels in Nice in France after an appointment. Therefore, call 0033/145 53 83 41 or send an email to alessia@baunat.com.

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