An alternative to the classical engagement ring, featuring one big diamond, is the ring with a pavé setting. This type of ring is very popular at the moment and uses multiple diamonds to create a luxurious look.

A pavé engagement ring features small, completely cut diamonds placed as close as possible to one another on the engagement ring. Each diamond is held in place by 4 prongs (or ‘claws’) almost completely covering the noble metal, resulting in a clean surface of diamonds. For an even more luxurious look, you could combine a solitaire setting with pavé diamonds to create an engagement ring that no one could say no to. A Solitaire ring alone is eye-catching, but some smaller diamonds along the side will enhance the diamonds’ sparkle, making the ring even more luxurious. Such a ring has an enormous wow factor that would turn friends and family green with envy. With or without a solitaire diamond, you’ll be wearing a spectacular engagement ring.

You can find many different types of diamond pavé engagement rings in our collection.

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