The alternative for the classical engagement ring, featuring one big diamond, is the ring with a pave setting. This type of ring is currently a big trend, using multiple diamonds to create the ring.

This type of setting places small, completely cut diamonds as close as possible to one another on the engagement ring. Each diamond is held in place by 4 prongs (or ‘claws’) almost completely covering the noble metal, resulting in a clean surface of diamonds. For an even more luxurious look, you could combine a solitaire with pave diamonds. An engagement ring no woman could say no to, a guaranteed success. A Solitaire ring is an eye catcher in itself, but some smaller diamonds on the side will enlarge the diamonds’ sparkle even more making the ring even more luxurious. Such a ring has an enormuous wow-factor that would turn friends and family green with envy. Adding a solitaire or not, either way, you’re wearing a spectacular engagement ring.

You can find many different types of diamond engagement rings with a pave setting in our collection.

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