The variety of styles in diamond jewelry is great, ranging from borrowings from bygone times such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco to timeless classics and very modern designs that shimmer with clear shapes and a focus on the processed diamonds.

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Which cuts and designs are modern?

Cubic and geometric shapes are currently very popular, a good example of this is the  princess cut  for diamonds, which is sometimes referred to as a princess cut . In contrast to the classic brilliant, a round cut diamond, the princess cut is square on the top and then tapers to a point, like an upside-down pyramid. The cut was invented at the end of the 1970s and, if you look closely, is a  angular modification of the diamond, and is therefore characterized by a particularly impressive fire and sparkle. Set with four prongs at the corners, for example in a solitaire pendant , such a diamond looks very minimalist and modern.
Modern and minimalist necklace for women from BAUNAT - A minimalist diamond necklace with a modern design
Are you looking for a modern necklace, entirely set with diamonds, the style of which is reminiscent of the legendary tennis bracelet by Chris Evers? A  Rivière necklace that seems to have no beginning and no end, with square diamonds, could be your favourite. A  perfect and completely timeless design, suitable for every occasion and of modern elegance. Simple and breathtaking at the same time, understatement in its most beautiful form.

Is your budget rather tight? Even without a large investment you can easily find a modern and minimalist necklace with beautiful diamonds, such as a fine diamond necklace , which is also held in the flowing Rivière design.

Minimalism, the art of leaving things out

As the legendary fashion designer Jil Sander said: " The purest form of luxury is reduction. "  Minimalism is characterized by the fact that all elements of a design that are not directly necessary fall under the table and only the essence remains.

This style originally emerged in the early 1960s, not only in the field of fine arts, but also in architecture. With its  clear, geometric structures, it saw itself as a counter-movement to the colourful abstract expressionism, which is characterized by wild forms. The exhibition " Primary Structures ", which opened its doors at the Jewish Museum in New York in 1966 and caused a sensation in both the media and art critics, paved the way for minimalism.

The form that minimalism takes is still fascinating today, be it a modern medallion or a building. There is something calming about it, it does not distract the viewer from the essentials, it forms a counterpoint to the flood of stimuli to which we are exposed in everyday life.

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When it comes to jewelry design, minimalism primarily means concentrating on the materials used and their beauty,  high-quality precious metals  such as 750 gold or platinum,  selected diamonds  of high quality.

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