The name sapphire is derived from the ancient Greek "sappheiros" and Latin "sapphirus", which simply means "blue". Very fitting, because with its deep and rich blue, the sapphire is one of the most beautiful coloured gemstones that the earth has produced over many millions of years. A fascinating stone that has always been appreciated by jewellers and jewellery lovers, whether as a sapphire pendant, necklace, ring or earring.

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What is the history of sapphire as a gemstone?

The sapphire was already sought after as a gemstone in theMiddle Ages, but due to a lack of precise knowledge about minerals,all gemstones with a striking blue colourwere called sapphires. It was only later that it was discovered that the sapphire is one of the coloured varieties of the mineralcorundum. Today,all coloured varieties of corundum are called sapphire, with one exception, thered ruby
Diamond necklace with tear shaped sapphire by BAUNAT - Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
From early on, blue was considered the colour of rulers and aristocrats; even today, people speak of "royal blue" as a colour. Famous pieces of jewellery in history with a blue sapphire therefore often come from royal collections or are owned by European noble houses. For example, theBritish Queen Elizabeth IIwas given an impressive necklace with blue sapphires and diamonds, including matching earrings, by her late father King George VI. She also wore these jewels for the Sapphire Jubilee, the 65th anniversary of her accession to the throne in 2017. TheStuart Sapphireis part of theCrown Jewels in the Tower of London, and was long a showpiece of the Imperial State Crown before being exchanged for the Cullinan II diamond.Princess Dianawore a multi-strand pearl necklace with a central sapphire on many occasions, her legendary engagement ring was a sapphire ring surrounded by colourless diamonds.

What defines the sapphire as a gemstone?

Sapphires are among the hardest gemstones in the world after diamonds, achieving a Mohs hardness of 9 on the scale that goes up to 10, which makes them robust and perfect for working into jewellery that can also be worn in everyday life.

Most natural blue sapphires are found in Asia, primarilySri Lanka and India. They areoften cloudyand predominantly cut in thecabochon cut. The famousstar sapphiresreceive their name from the top view of this cut revealing a star.Translucent sapphiresare cut like diamonds withfacetsthat allow light to enter and reflect.

If you are looking for a necklace with a blue gemstone, the sapphire is clearly the most beautiful and sophisticated choice after the almost priceless blue diamond.

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What types of necklaces with blue sapphires are there?

Sapphires are rarely worked into necklaces and pendants alone; they are often accompanied by sparkling, colourless diamonds. For good reasons, because the bright radiance of many small diamonds brings out the deep blue of the sapphire even more beautifully as a contrast. Pure sapphire jewellery often looks rather plain.
BAUNAT collier with blue sapphire and diamonds - Stunning necklace with a large blue sapphire framed by diamonds
In a blue stone necklace, the diamonds are usually set in a circle around the sapphire, as a halo, which surround the stone like a luminous circle. The entourage variation is very similar to the halo, where the accompanying stones are set around the sapphire and are slightly larger than in the halo. This design is very well known because of the Lady Di engagement ring, which Kate Middleton wears nowadays. A sapphire pendant is also extremely beautiful and elegant.

Of course, other combinations of sapphire and diamonds are also possible - for example, a spectacular diamond necklace with a sapphire in the shape of a teardrop. When choosing the precious metal for a necklace with a blue sapphire, white gold is the first choice. The cool, silvery sheen of this gold alloy harmonises perfectly with the blue of the gemstone and brings out its colour even better than the warm tones of yellow or red gold.
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