Diamond is a precious sparkling stone, which can give alone a glow to a skin or an outfit. All women enjoy this little moment of shopping pleasure, but before buying your diamond pendant or diamond necklace, make sure you choose the one that suits you best, based on your body structure, clothing style or personality.

Mid-length necklaces, choker necklaces, uniform necklaces, princess necklaces, opera necklaces, long necklaces… a lot of models are available, but are to be worn tastefully and sparingly.

The right metal for your diamond necklace

Necklaces in yellow gold will particularly suit women with brown hair and golden or tanned skin. The colour of gold accentuates the brilliance of their hair.

Necklaces in white gold or silver are better on blond women with blue eyes and fair skin tone or brunettes with pale skin. The diamonds in the necklace will enhance the personality of the person wearing it.

And finally, rose gold is usually reserved for Venetian blond women or women with red hair. The shade between the necklace and the colour of her hair will accentuate her style.

Golden rules to follow

No matter which jewel you choose, please pay attention these golden rules.

Curvy women and small women should avoid at all cost big jewelry because it will not be flattering to their silhouette. Instead, opt for refined and discrete necklaces that will highlight your figure while refining it.

Chains should never be worn with printed graphics. They are reserved to dark outfits, fluid and natural materials. Chains are recommended for larger women. Mid-length necklaces with a simple diamond pendant falling at breast level are known to lengthen the bust.

Finally, choker necklaces adorned with diamonds around the neck or close to the neck emphasize the bust. These collars can be combined with diamond earrings and worn with a bustier or a round neckline.

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