• How can I wear powerful accessories as a man?
  • Which details can a professional wear?
  • How can I wear diamonds?

There are countless different ways of wearing accessories as a modern professional which complement your position and outfit. Many CEO’s reflect their position in stylish details. Go for bold accessories for men and instantly make a statement with an investment in precious metals and diamonds which perfectly suit you.

How can I wear powerful accessories as a man?

Men who devote attention to details are both stylish and modern. That much is certain. You can show who you really are by choosing powerful items which suit your personal style. Your accessories are a statement because you wear them, not because they stand out. They finish off your outfit. Please note: less is more. Your accessories complement your presence, they shouldn’t be overpowering. When you buy diamond jewellery, you should definitely opt for items which complement both each other and the moment. Do you have an important meeting? Then go for a sleek wide platinum or steel ring. This will create a no-nonsense look and is indestructible. Just like you.

Additionally, more expensive items are also valuable as an investment. You can simply keep them in the safe until the next occasion.

Which details can I wear professionally?

You need to get to work purposefully in a professional context. What do you want to achieve with your look? Are you going to an award event? Then you will need to dress up more. A classic tie pin or collar clip will perfectly suit a formal evening. Will you soon be attending a networking event? A look which is a little more informal, with a striking watch with bracelets made from various different materials will create a strong statement. Buying diamond jewellery can therefore be trendy, yet still well dressed.

How can I wear diamonds?

Diamond details can very quickly result in a feminine touch. Should I therefore not wear diamonds? You can if you know how. Smaller diamonds on typically male items are a fantastic statement. Buying subtle diamond jewellery, such as luxuriously finished off tie pins or cufflinks, can create a classic look without overdoing it. How can I make a bigger statement? Cufflinks with a black diamond or onyx accent can result in a great extra, without it becoming too much. The deep black stone will shine less bright compared to a white one, but will look a great deal cooler and more masculine.

How can I buy the right diamond jewellery for men? Which details will make my statement clear? Ask BAUNAT’s experts for advice for your personal style.

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