When choosing and purchasing a diamondpendant it is not only important to choose the most exquisite pendant, it is also important to carefully choose a chain that actually goes well with the diamondpendant.

Chains used in jewellery are used exclusively to ornate the body, for aesthetic purposes. You can wear jewellery chains around your wrists, your neck, your ankles and also your tummy.

How old are jewellery chains?

The use in chains as an ornament dates back to the Stone age where they used shells, bones and stones to make necklaces and body chains. Gradually, with the appearance of metals such as gold, silver or copper, they started being also used in jewellery chains, along with gemstones.

You can see beautiful examples of chains from the Ancient Egyptians as the elite clearly knew how to distinguish themselves by wearing elaborate chains and jewellery that they thought they would carry with them in the afterlife by being buried directly with their treasures.

What are chains usually made of?

Jewellery chains are more commonly made of precious metals such as gold and silver because of their optimal characteristics. They keep their shape and strength, they are not very reactive and unless there is nickel in the silver, they are usually allergy free. Furthermore, both gold and silver are easy to clean and maintain. Of course nowadays other metals are commonly used such as palladium, titanium, steel and platinum, but some of these require a different craftsmanship as they can be harder to manipulate and shape.

Different chain styles

If you’re looking at purchasing a solitaire diamondpendant, then you’re better off purchasing a thin chain called trace is very uniform and discreet.

If you are purchasing a chain that will serve as a necklace or bracelet alone, then maybe you could opt for a rope chain that looks like two twisting bands or maybe the snake chain that is quite shiny and decorative.

There’s really a myriad of chains to choose from, all named after their pattern style or else, such as the diamond chain that is polished in a particular way that makes it overly shiny, there’s the bead chain that consists of tiny balls of metal or even the rolo chain which is popular as it is a continuity of alternating round links.


Whichever your preference, at BAUNAT we have a nice selection of chains that would perfectly match your diamondpendant or a bracelet you may wish to purchase. We would be delighted to assist you with your decision making process and look forward to welcoming you at one of our showrooms or by e-mail, phone or chat.

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